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Caroline Décoste
Caroline Décoste
Published on July 4, 2023
Émilie in Saint-Sauveur
Caroline Décoste

As Émilie Tremblay likes to say, the stars were aligned when she moved to Saint-Sauveur and started working in the neighbourhood over 8 years ago. We’re following her on a typical outing to discover her favourite spots along Rue Saint-Vallier Ouest. Let’s go! 

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    Diner and Supérette Saint-Sauveur

    Saint-Sauveur’s favourite retro-punk diner has earned a loyal following among hipsters and foodies.  

    It’s the place to go for comfort food with an edge. I can just as easily go after a night at the bar or with my kids for dinner.

    These days, Émilie is all about the Buffalo poutine. She says it’s a taste sensation. 

    Over on the next street corner is the diner’s Supérette. Behind the colourful storefront mural by Phelipe Soldevila lies a paradise for lovers of Québec beer, cider, and wine.  “I like that I can follow the advice of the people behind the counter. They really know their stuff. I’ll swing by when I want a bottle to share with friends at Parc Victoria.” 

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    A Stop to Admire Ilana Pichon’s Mural

    Tucked away on Rue Kirouac, artist Ilana Pichon’s striking mural has become a strong symbol for Saint-Sauveur. Students from two different elementary schools helped her design it. Seeing the neighbourhood illustrated through their eyes is what Émilie likes most about the piece. 

    I don’t know if I’ll ever get over how beautiful it is. I get shivers every time I walk by!

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    Franky and Johnny, the Sandwich Kings

    Housed under the same roof are three iconic businesses: Café Cantook, Boulangerie Borderon le fils, and Sandwicherie Franky et Johnny. If you ask Émilie, she’ll tell you there’s no better place in Saint-Sauveur to pick up lunch on the go than Franky and Johnny’s sandwich shop. 

    Each sandwich is an explosion of flavours. Every time I get one, I wonder if my mouth is going to fit around it. That’s how big they are!

    Her go-to is the veggie korma with housemade falafel and grilled halloumi. 

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    Griendel with the Gang

    Of all Émilie’s favourite spots, craft brewery Griendel is her favouritest. Whether for after-work drinks, a light meal, or a pub quiz, Émilie heads to Griendel. 

    It’s the perfect Saint-Sô hang. You can eat, you can relax, and at the same time, you’re in the heart of the action on Rue Saint-Vallier. And of course, it’s always good beer!

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    Ethical Family Shopping at Zozo et Arty

    With a pair of owners devoted to all things ethical and local, Zozo et Arty  is a kid’s store perfect for a mom like Émilie. Whether it’s to fill up on bulk soap or pick up a gift, Émilie doesn’t think twice about where to go. 

    Every time I shop here, I want to leave with the whole store! The employees are so nice and helpful and everything is so beautiful and well made.

    Even if she doesn’t need anything, Émilie can’t help browsing the nontoxic nail polishes from Montréal brand BKIND. 

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    Culture at Le Pantoum

    We gave Émilie a pass on self-promotion so she could include the place where she works, and for good reason: Le Pantoum is an essential venue for artists in Saint-Sauveur. The musical complex is a welcoming space for musicians and music lovers, big and small. 

    Le Pantoum is my second home. It’s a place full of dreams and ideas. It’s where you go to hear emerging artists before they hit it big on the festival circuit. Everyone who works here is really passionate about music, and I think that shines through.

    Émilie is especially proud of the work done to create a welcoming space for everyone by making it an all-ages venue and lending out noise-cancelling headphones for children. All the more reason to visit! 

8 Happy Years in Saint-Sauveur, and Counting

Rue Saint-Vallier Ouest dans Saint-Sauveur
Caroline Décoste

Émilie landed in Saint-Sauveur somewhat by chance. As a mom and someone who works in culture (she’s Le Pantoum’s general manager), Émilie was looking for an affordable apartment in the city centre. Wanting to live close to her work ended up being the start of a beautiful love story. And hearing Émilie talk, we’re starting to swoon for Saint-Sô too! 

Caroline Décoste
Caroline Décoste

Caroline is a city girl who has spent most of her life in Québec City. The writer, translator, and author is passionate about her home town and loves sharing all things Québec with tourists and friends, from hot new restaurants to iconic spots and hidden gems. Her favourite hobby is exploring the city with her two kids and seeing it through their eyes!

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