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Tourist Information in Old Québec
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Summer 2021: Major Roadworks on Pierre-Laporte Bridge

Due to major roadworks in the Pierre-Laporte Bridge area, we recommend to allow more time than usual to get to Québec City by car. For a trip between Montréal and Québec City, highway 40 is a better option. 

Parkings and Driving Tips

Do you plan to drive downtown? Get information on parking in Old Québec, winter driving and various traffic regulations.

Customs and Immigration

You want to travel, study or work in Québec City? Find practical information related to customs and immigration.

Money Matters

Currency exchange, tax rate, tipping...  Find the answers to money issues.

Shopping Hours & Official Holidays

This list of the statutory holidays and information on business hours will help you better organize your stay in Québec City.


Weather statistics and monthly activities in order to help you plan the perfect stay in Québec City.


French is the official language of Québec but English is widely spoken in tourist areas (attractions, hotels, restaurants and boutiques in tourist areas).

Cannabis, Liquor and No Smoking Regulations

The purchase and consumption of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis are regulated by different laws. Learn about the different features.

Free Wireless Internet Connection

Québec City has several free internet access points. Find one of the areas covered by ZAP Quebec to connect to this wireless network for free.


What to do in case of emergency during your stay in Québec City? Consult the list of hospitals and other emergency services.

Churches and Places of Worship

Québec City is welcoming to all. Here is a list of churches and places of worship.

Time Zone

Daylight Saving Time (DST) comes into effect every year on the second Sunday in March when all timepieces are advanced by one hour. Canada reverts to Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the first Sunday in November when clocks are set back one hour.

Metric Conversion

Canada uses the metric system. Visitors find weather temperature reports given in Celsius degrees, gasoline sold by the litre (milk and wine by millilitres, and litres) grocery items in grams and kilograms, and speed limits posted in kilometres per hour.

Disabled Travel

Old Québec's beautiful cobblestone streets can be troublesome for people with reduced mobility. Check out our tips for travellers with disabilities.

Travelling with your Dog

Québec City and area is welcoming and full of discoveries to do with your canine companion. Here are some practical tips to make the most of your stay.

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