11 Best Restaurants in Old Québec City

Allison Van Rassel
Allison Van Rassel
Published on January 12, 2023
Château Frontenac à partir de la rue du Fort
Étienne Dionne

The area inside the walls of Old Québec is Québec City’s most famous neighbourhood and a constant favourite among locals and visitors. From traditional Québec fare to European‑style bistros to boreal cuisine and fine dining cuisine, there’s a restaurant with just the experience you’re looking for. So pull up a chair and savour the warmth and charm of this unique historic district.

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    La Bûche 

    Dive into sugar shack traditions where you can literally drench your food in maple syrup, the Québécois’ subtle way of honouring the cook. Hearty Sheppard’s pie, gourmet tourtière with a side of fruit ketchup, plus soups and desserts that you’ll want the recipes for. La Bûche is THE place to enjoy maple taffy on a snow bar, even in summertime!
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    Sagamité Old Québec

    Sagamité is proudly named after a classic First Nations dish: a traditional soup of beans, hominy, spices, and vegetables, with the specific ingredients varying between regions and communities. The menu at Sagamité pays homage to the traditional cuisine of the Huron-Wendat Nation. For a tasty and visually stunning experience, try the deer, elk and bison potence.

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    Bleu Marine

    Bleu Marine recently relocated to Rue Saint-Louis. Don’t be fooled by the unassuming façade: this restaurant is a wine-pairing powerhouse. Choose what you want to drink first, then let your hosts guide you for the meal. It’s a bold concept that pays off with every sip.  

  • 4

    Le Sam, bistro évolutif

    Located in the famous Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Le Sam is an experience unto itself, not least because of the amazing view of the St. Lawrence River. Its menu features local products, in a bistro style that will delight everyone.
  • 5

    Le Chic Shack

    Known for its brioche bread burgers, creamy milkshakes and decadent poutines, it’s the homemade sodas and ice cream sandwiches that seal the deal. Don’t be alarmed by the cafeteria feel, but reassured by the first bite that will make it feel so authentic. Even though Le Chic Shack is located in the most tourist-friendly part of town, it is far from being a tourist trap! 
  • 6

    Restaurant Wong

    When it comes to Chinese food, Wong is a local institution. Owner and chef Steven Wong is a descendant of the first Chinese family to immigrate to Québec City. Chef Wong is revamping his restaurant one dish at a time, with recipes inspired by authentic Chinese flavours. I love the succulent tomato beef, pork flank soup, duck breast smoked with tea and jasmine rice, and Asian burrata served with yuzu pear compote.

  • 7

    Bistro Hortus

    Bistro Hortus is synonymous with fresh food. The farm-to-table menu by owner and chef Stéphane Roth features tons of local organic ingredients. The restaurant team even has a rooftop garden with vegetables, herbs, and a beehive. Now that’s sustainability!

  • 8

    Le Bedeau

    This wine and tapas bar is so good, it’s almost sinful. A recent addition to Rue Saint-Jean, it takes the pleasure of a well-paired dish to new heights. The chef draws inspiration from the restaurant’s selection of private-import wines to create moments of sheer food magic. The dessert and wine pairing, which changes regularly, is very naughty indeed. It’s a place to try and share—a refined and elegant setting with cheeky nods to Québec’s Catholic heritage, including the desacralized confessional in the gender-neutral bathrooms.

  • 9

    L’Entrecôte Saint-Jean

    Mind the white tablecloths on the tables of this Québec City institution. Everything here is fixed in time, taking you back to a Paris bistro of the late 80s, serving an impeccably grilled rib eye steak alongside matchstick fries cooked to perfection in peanut oil. And treat yourself to an extra side of their homemade mustard sauce, will you? Oh and chocolate sauce profiteroles, because the meal wouldn’t end deliciously without it.
  • 10

    Chez Boulay- Bistro Boréal

    Like a walk in the boreal forest, you’ll taste the many perfumes of Québec’s wilderness. It’s their game meat that shines brightest, especially when highlighted with Labrador tea and oyster mushrooms. Those who love sauce, add an extra pan-seared foie gras and you will be charmed. They have finger licking desserts, where anything with bright orange sea buckthorn berries is a must. 
  • 11

    Les Trois Garçons

    Cheese oozing burgers made with local ingredients and hearty meat patties. The Charlevoix burger with Hercule and 1608 cheeses, fried and caramelized onions with artisanal bacon and bourbon barbecue sauce tops ‘em all. 

Allison Van Rassel
Allison Van Rassel

Journalist, columnist and blogger, Allison is passionate about Québec City’s culinary culture. Curious and aware of the latest culinary trends, Allison makes the region’s foodie culture shine bright.

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