Sustainable Tourism in Québec City

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Towards a More Sustainable Tourism

eco Destination Québec cité is committed to supporting sustainable travel and tourism both with visitors in the way of advising them to explore the region and with companies to accompany them in this responsible shift. Our goal is to make Québec City the reference among sustainable tourism destinations in North America. 

There is still so much to do before all the region’s tourism businesses become sustainable and all travellers respect the visited environment, but every gesture counts and that is why we want to encourage more responsible stays. 

We prioritize businesses who have a concern for the environment, the social impacts or the local economy as sustainable tourism examples. More concretely, these are the ones that carry out actions aimed at limiting their ecological footprint, sourcing locally or seeking to increase the positive impacts for local communities. 

See Québec City From a Responsible Viewpoint

Vue sur la Haute-Ville et la Basse-Ville de Québec

What Are Sustainable Tourism Examples?

Here are some examples for visiting Québec City Area while preserving its precious heritage and the nearby nature:

Sustainable means of transportation such as active transportation and public transit can greatly reduce the footprint of a stay. There's no better way than to explore Old Québec on foot to appreciate its architecture.

Cycling makes it easy to make longer journeys and the public transport network provides access to most tourist attractions. Another great example is to look for the many restaurants that offer local food menus. You should also consider adding reusable items to your suitcases to eat on the go.

Why is Sustainable Tourism Important?

Sustainable tourism is the future of tourism as we know it. Adopting good practices, being respectful of the environment  and working to preserve ecosystems are now important matters for visitors around the world. These are also aspects increasingly encouraged by destinations and residents of these places who wish to preserve their environment for future generations. 

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