Our Top Picks for a Made-In-Québec Shopping Experience

Photo de Marylin Préfontaine
Marilyn Préfontaine
Published on February 17, 2023
Vegetables and fresh produce at the Grand Marché de Québec.
Ville de Québec

Why buy local? When you buy local, you’re looking out for the environment, supporting short supply chains, and stepping into a world of authentic experiences and great finds. It’s truly one of the best ways to support small Québec businesses. 

Want to bring home products made in Québec? We show you the best places to buy local in Québec City. 

Buying Local in Old Québec

Old Québec is still at the top of the hit list for all things made in Québec. In some shops you’ll even be buying directly from the artisans themselves. A quintessential Québec City experience!  

Where to Buy Local in Old Québec:  


Family in Petit-Champlain decorated for Christmas
Petit-Champlain, Audet Photo

The Petit-Champlain district is a haven of independent shops and local products. Be sure to stop at Fromagerie Ferme Audet for farm-to-shop goat cheese, and Sculpteur Flamand for wood carvings crafted by a Québec City artist.      

Boutique des métiers d’art du Québec

This funky boutique showcases the work of more than 100 small-business artisans and craftspeople. Everything is 100% made in Québec.  

Rue du Trésor  

Visitors and artists chat on rue du Trésor, where several artists exhibit their works.
Jeff Frenette Photography

In the summer and fall, this quaint Old Québec street becomes an open-air gallery lined with artists exhibiting their work.     

Monastère des Augustines

Tisanes au Monastère des Augustines
Le Monastère des Augustines

In keeping with the monastery’s mission of mental and physical well-being and sustainable development, the shop at Monastère des Augustines is a treasure trove of products to feed the mind, body, and spirit.  

Local Shops, Local Owners

Buying local is also about buying from shops that are locally owned. And the streets of Québec City are full of creative entrepreneurs ready to greet shoppers with the warmest of welcomes!  

Eco-Friendly Shops

Why is it so important to buy local, you ask? The no. 1 reason is sustainability. In Québec City, some businesses and creators are committed to recycling and repurposing, eliminating waste, creating a circular economy, and more—all to protect the environment. And we’re definitely on board with that! 


Boutique Marie Fil  

Marie Fil was the first shop in Canada to specialize in zero-waste feminine hygiene products. Stop by their store in Limoilou to see what it’s all about and browse their selection of eco-friendly items for the home. Just a few steps away is Article 721, a fantastic showcase for Québec artists and a gold mine of vintage finds.  

Zozo et Arty  

Zozo & Arty
Zozo & Arty

If you’re looking to shop for that special little someone (think children age 0‒6), head to Zozo et Arty in Saint-Sauveur for kids’ clothes, minimalist toys, and treasures of all kinds, as well as bulk cleaning and body care products. Of all the fabulous items there, we’re especially fond of Timininous, a line of cozy, sustainable, oh-so-durable merino wool clothing and accessories made right here in Québec City.  

Carotte Joyeuse Épicerie Santé 

This little organic grocery store on rue Saint-Jean is a total gem. Pick up a few groceries or a ready-made meal, peruse the bulk and zero-waste section, and check out their incredible selection of natural remedies. You’ll also find items from DelycaStef, a local company that upcycles old jeans into reusable and washable wares. Definitely worth a visit! 

Terroir Products

How do you buy local without accumulating a lot of stuff? By buying from local artisans who know just how to satisfy eco-conscious foodies! 

Grand Marché  

Québec City's Public Market
Lorraine Richard Nolin

Québec City’s Grand Marché is THE place to go for local food. Fruits and vegetables, cheeses, breads, jams, terrines, beverages—whatever you’re craving, it’s here!  


Public Markets   

Kiosques du Marché public Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier
Tourisme Jacques-Cartier

Summer is public market season! It is the perfect time to fill your basket with local fruits and veggies and pick up unique treasures from makers at their market stands.      


Apikol - Tasting on site

Québec City’s very first urban-agriculture distillery uses responsible beekeeping practices to make honey and turn it into a fine selection of delectable, hyperlocal mead and spirits. Take a guided tour of their Saint-Roch facility to see Apikol’s environmentally sound process in action.  


Île d’Orléans  

Vignoble Ste-Pétronille - view
Xavier Girard

Getting around this incredible little island, you’ll get to experience the astounding range and creativity of our local artisans. We can’t possibly name them all, but one you won’t want to miss is Vignoble Sainte-Pétronille, a newly certified organic winery.  

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Photo de Marylin Préfontaine
Marilyn Préfontaine

Marilyn is a proud Québec City local and a contributor for numerous magazines, blogs, and newspapers. She has also published a novel, plays, and board games, and always has something on the go! Marilyn is a hardcore foodie and serial traveller with a passion for discovering new places and telling the world about them. 

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