Vegan Restaurants in Québec City

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Published on November 9, 2023
Intérieur du restaurant Bloom Sushis
Mikael Lebleu, Tastet

Want to try the top vegan restaurants in town? Visitors who want to keep their healthy habits while discovering incredible local fare will find they have plenty of delicious options. For a list of the best vegan restaurants in Québec City, read on. 

  • Vegan Restaurants
  • Vegan Restaurants


    Don Végane

    Hailed as Québec City’s vegan pioneer, Don Végane (aka “Le Don”) is known and loved by all. The tasty food, generous portions, and cozy, welcoming vibe have made it a favourite among vegans and omnivores alike. Given its status as a highly popular vegan restaurant in Old Québec City, we recommend booking a table in advance. We also recommend the antipasto platter—because sampling multiple dishes is the best. For single dishes, the risottos are rather divine.  

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    Bloom Sushi

    For a gourmet vegan experience, we recommend Bloom Sushi in Limoilou, one of Québec City’s newest vegan restaurants. Bloom’s brand of “botanical” sushi delivers a taste sensation with every bite. Whether you’re a veteran vegan or a curious omnivore, Bloom Sushi is sure to impress. 

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    Les Mauvaises Herbes

    Les Mauvaises Herbes is a new vegan watering hole on Rue Saint-Jean that’s been wowing foodies with its gourmet bistro fare. The menu features local ingredients and offers a nice selection of craft beers.  

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    Brasseur Local

    This microbrewery’s fully vegan menu is revolutionizing the meaning of pub fare. There’s poutine, chili, mac n’ cheese, nachos, and burgers, all with a vegan twist. New items are added to the menu on a regular basis, with suggested pairings from the roster of Brasseur Local beers brewed on site.

  • Non-Vegan Restaurants with Vegan Options
  • Non-Vegan Restaurants with Vegan Options

    More and more restaurants and craft breweries are adding vegan options to the menu. So check their menus to see what’s on offer before heading out for a meal. To fasttrack the process, we’ve drawn up a list of restaurants with vegan options that definitely make the cut. 



    L’Orygine is a highend restaurant known for its commitment to local ingredients and refined seasonal fare. The vegan options for both brunch and dinner are sure to satisfy even the most discerning vegans. We recommend going allin with the tasting menu to enjoy the full Orygine experience.   

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    Bistro hortus

    Bistro hortus puts the emphasis on local and organic ingredients, including many grown in the restaurant’s very own rooftop garden. The dinner menus have a few vegan options. For a healthy and delicious meal that supports sustainable agriculture, Bistro Hortus is hard to beat. h

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    Le Monastère des Augustines

    There’s always a vegan option at the Monastère des Augustines’ Le Vivoir buffet. Stays at the gorgeous heritage complex focus on health and wellness, with delicious vegan meals and historical buildings that make for a meaningful and memorable experience.  

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    Casse-crêpe Breton

    Crêpe-lovers rejoice! Casse-Crêpe Breton, in Old Québec, has vegan buckwheat crêpes topped with fruit or vegetables, along with hot non-dairy beverages. Delish!  

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    Chez Victor

    Chez Victor is a local restaurant chain known for its gourmet burgers stuffed with fresh, local ingredients. For plantbased meals, there are several mouthwatering options: vegan burgers, a vegan poutine, and excellent salads. There are two locations in the city centre: one on Rue Saint-Jean and the other in the Old Port.  

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    Nina pizza

    Nina Pizza gets top marks for its authentic Neapolitan pizza. Both locations have vegan pizzas as well as delicious Italian salads.  

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    La Korrigane

    La Korrigane is an environmentally friendly craft brewery that concocts its menus in partnership with local producers. We love being able to combine a good vegan meal with a fine craft beer!  

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    Hono Ramen

    Love ramen? Rest assured: Hono Ramen hits all the right notes. The noodles and broth are prepared on site, there’s a steamy vegan ramen, and the sides are delightful.  

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    Ogari San

    At Ogari San, diners can enjoy a Japanese or Koreanstyle chirashi bowl with the protein of their choice and a whole lotta local ingredients.   

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    Philtre café

    Hailed as the best café in the city in 2022, Philtre is a soothing coffee shop in Saint-Sauveur with a simple, delicious mostly vegan menu of wraps, soups, bowls, muffins, and cookies. An easy, no fuss spot for great coffee and vegan bites. 

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    Chez Tao

    Chez Tao is a fun and festive cocktail bar with multiple vegan options on the menu. The lush, tropical drinks and authentic Southeast Asian street food make this the perfect place for a funky evening out with friends. 

  • Grocery Stores with Vegan Meals To Go
  • Grocery Stores with Vegan Meals To Go


    CRAC – La Carotte joyeuse

    If you’re looking for vegan dishes to eat on the run or at your hotel, swing by CRAC – La Carotte Joyeuse, a grocery store in Saint-Jean-Baptiste with a nice little selection of vegan dishes to go.   

Vegan Bakeries

Croissant chez Borderon & fils
Borderon & fils

Québec City has several artisanal bakeries that bake delicious vegan bread. Plus, on Saturdays, all of the Borderon et Fils bakeries have vegan croissants made with coconut butter.  

Vegan Ice Cream

Glace v.égane chez Choco Érico
Choco Erico

There are plenty of great options for vegan ice cream in Québec City. Satisfy that summer sweet tooth with a vegan sorbet or ice cream at Tutto Gelato, Erico, Glacier Aberdeen or Chocolats Favoris.   

Vegetarian Restaurants

Vegetarian mealat Les Botanistes
Les Botanistes

It’s often easier for vegetarian restaurants to adapt their dishes for vegans. Check them out for even more vegan options in Québec City. 

Équipe édito
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As proud ambassadors of our beloved city, we’re delighted to be sharing the things and places we love most in the Québec City area. What a joy for us to help you discover everything this vibrant and welcoming city has to offer!

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