Customs and Immigration

What Documents do I Need to Travel in Canada?

Visitors to Canada must hold a valid passport. Most travellers also require an electronic visa or travel authorization (eTA) to travel to Canada by air or to transit through a Canadian airport. For more information, please visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada web site.

New conditions apply to American nationals returning to their country. For more information, please consult the State Department’s portal of information on U.S. foreign policy and information about the State Department.

What Can I Bring Across the Border?

For information on what items you are permitted to carry in your luggage, i.e. medication, please consult the Canada Border Services Agency web site.

Can I Take my Pet to Canada?

Visitors travelling with an animal must get information from the Canada Food Inspection Agency.

Why Choose French Immersion in Québec City?

Québec City being the cradle of French America, many students come to study in the city to live in immersion in a mainly French-speaking environment.

Here are some of the French immersion schools:

  • Édu-Inter
    755, Grande Allée Ouest, 418-573-5956
  • Bli Québec
    763, rue Saint-Joseph Est, Bureau 104, 418-692-1370
  • École de langue de l’Université Laval
    1030, avenue des Sciences-Humaines, 1-877-606-1122, ext. 2321


  • United States
    2, Place Terrasse Dufferin, G1R 4T9, 418-692-2095
  • France
    500, Grande Allée Est, 11th floor, G1R 2J7, 418-266-2500

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