Saint-Sauveur Neighbourhood

Restaurant Saint-Sauveur neighbourhood
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Saint-Sô, as its residents affectionately call it, is a working-class neighbourhood which, over the last few years, has been welcoming an increasing number of young families and professionals looking for a genuine community spirit. Welcome to the Lower Town!

Saint-Sauveur Neighbourhood Map

In order to discover all the little treasures hidden throughout Saint-Sauveur, you need to take rue Saint-Vallier Ouest, the main commercial corridor. At every step, you'll find nice neighbourhood restaurants with unbeatable value for money, a café, a bakery, pubs, bars, great independent shops... Or else, well-hidden in the recesses of adjoining streets, you'll find Asian grocery stores, handicraft shops and institutions that have withstood the passage of time and trends!

The strong community spirit that binds Saint-Sauveur residents can be felt in its events, which aim to bring together locals as well as anyone else who wishes to take in the festive atmosphere. On Saturdays during the summer, do your gourmet grocery shopping at the public market in Durocher park, a citizen's initiative showcasing over a dozen local vendors (fruits, vegetables, flowers, food products).

Since residents like getting together, several public spaces have been designed to allow them to meet and exchange in an original urban setting: a refreshing break from the pavement, garden bins, terraces and "chat spaces" where people can talk. You can't pay a visit to Saint-Sauveur without making new friends, that's for sure!

A Bit of History

In the middle of the 19th century, French Canadian labourers working in Saint-Roch settled in Saint-Sauveur. For a long time, it remained a residential and working-class district just outside the inner city walls. Now, bolstered by the energy of young entrepreneurs setting up shop on rue Saint-Vallier Ouest, Saint-Sô is on the rise!

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