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Like Griffintown in Montreal or Williamsburg in Brooklyn, within a few years, Saint-Roch went from a working-class neighbourhood to the place to be. Food, culture, technology, fashion, nightlife: take off on a mission to discover the hippest of what Québec City's Lower Town has to offer!

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What was the most important commercial street in Québec City until the 1960s? Rue Saint-Joseph Est! The main now reclaims its title thanks to young creative entrepreneurs. To check out trendy shops, eat in the most talked-about restaurants, knock back a few in a pub or watch the latest hit show, Saint-Roch is where you go! In summer, rue Saint-Joseph converts into a pedestrian-only street every weekend.

The area is particularly appreciated by foodies: the city's best restaurants rub shoulders with little neighbourhood joints where you get great value for your money, while microbreweries are really taking off and brewing refreshingly original beers. Don't forget to visit a gourmet grocer to take back a piece of the local products home with you!

In summer, young professionals from the web and video game industries blend in with the student crowd looking for a place to eat outside in Jardin Jean-Paul-L’Allier, a real oasis of greenery in the heart of the city.

In winter, Saint-Roch is illuminated by a 15-metre Christmas tree; simply magical!

All year round, you can tap into the neighbourhood's lively spirit both day and night thanks to the many bars and pubs where you can keep the night going after a concert or play. An amazing light path guides your steps along rue Saint-Joseph, reacting to people and movement. Brilliant!

A Bit of History

One of Québec City's oldest faubourgs (a faubourg is a district located outside city walls), tucked in between the cliff that leads up to the Upper Town and the Saint-Charles River, Saint-Roch remained a working-class district for a long time. Today, that's where tech businesses have their headquarters, where young professionals set up shop, all while preserving the social diversity that defines the area.

Insider Tips

Andrée-Olivier Lyra dans le quartier Saint-Roch

Do Saint-Roch Like a Local

André-Olivier, a local talented photographer, found it very hard to pick just 6 favourite spots to share in Saint-Roch!

Saint-Roch District

9 Best Restaurants in Saint-Roch

Looking for good places to eat off the beaten path? Discover the best restaurants in the Saint-Roch neighbourhood.


Events in Saint-Roch

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