11 New Restaurants You Need to Try

Restaurant Hono Ramen
Restaurant Hono Ramen, Maxime Brouillet

There’s always a new restaurant popping up in Québec City, whether it’s for a quick bite, a multi-course extravaganza, or tasty international cuisine. So where should you eat? This list of new restaurants should steer you in the right direction.

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    Le Vivoir

    A stop to consider is Monastère des Augustines, for a rejuvenating—and rejuvenated—experience. Now called Le Vivoir, the new restaurant is dedicated to wellness, much like the monastery itself. The menu is varied and flexible, featuring fresh offerings and local seasonal ingredients. You can enjoy the Vivoir experience as part of a stay or a wellness day at the monastery. You can also swing by the monastery to pick up healthy meals and ingredients from the to-go counter.

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    Café Québecor par Laurent Godbout

    Here, art influences gastronomy. The new exhibition at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec has inspired chef Laurent Godbout, who is taking over the magnificent restaurant in the Pierre Lassonde pavilion, Café Québecor. His first menu aims to surprise customers, while highlighting the latest arrivals and the freshness of local products. The new menu experience is a destination by itself, but we strongly recommend combining it with a visit to an exhibition.

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    Zeus Gyros grec

    If you’re looking for gyros on the go, Québec City finally has an authentic gyro joint: Zeus Gyros Grec on Avenue Cartier. The small takeout counter is the latest venture from the team at Mezzé and serves up chicken pitas, pork souvlaki, and traditional Greek gyros (with fries inside!) that do not disappoint. With the Plains of Abraham just a few minutes away, it’s the perfect plan for a picnic.

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    Honō Ramen

    Honō Ramen, the new address of the popular Honō Izakaya, recently opened its doors in the Saint-Roch district. Lovers of Japanese cuisine prepare ramen with homemade broths and noodles that all look delicious. Honō Izakaya classics like karaage fried chicken and dumplings are also available. Ready for a bowl of authentic flavours from Japan?

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    Le 101 Restaurant de quartier

    Opened at the end of 2021 on St-Joseph Street, Le 101 Restaurant de quartier is worth trying for a gastronomic experience. The menu varies according to the seasons, but always highlights local products and the classics of French cuisine with a pinch of modernity.

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    Peruvian cuisine in the heart of Saint-Sauveur? Why not! That’s what you’ll find at Tumi, a little slice of fine Peruvian cuisine located in one of Québec City’s funkiest neighbourhoods. The dishes are time-honoured family recipes given a new spin by the owners, who are also at the helm of catering business La Brigade. The many tapas and small dishes to share offer a great introduction to the flavours of Peru.

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    Verre Pickl’s Deli

    Step through the door next to Verre Pickl’ to discover the restaurant’s fabulous new deli. There are classic gourmet sandwiches as well as natural wines, appetizers, and goodies galore, perfect for your next soirée with friends.

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    District Gourmet

    A unique concept that brings together several restaurants at the same address! In this magnificent food hall, you can live the experience of a dining room by choosing from the dishes of a dozen counters and having everything served at the table. We take our taste buds on a journey with cuisine from Southeast Asia, Portugal, Italy, Japan and more.

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    Welcome to Helena’s! When she opened her District Gourmet restaurant, Montréal chef Helena Loureiro promised a true Portuguese feast in a lively setting. And she delivered. The menu features a nice selection of petiscos (tapas) to share, as well as impressive mains such as the octopus and the fresh fish. The asparagus salad with São Jorge cheese and Serrano ham is a must.

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    Take a trip to the land of the rising sun with chef Phong Thach. Kaiji is everything a Japanese restaurant should be, with simple, fresh ingredients and refined, complex flavours that capture the essence of sushi and sashimi.

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    Midinette Boulangerie de fantaisie & buvette

    Trip to the countryside, anyone? Head to Île d’Orléans and La Midinette, the latest venture by the Monna sisters. Located along the St. Lawrence River, this combination bakery and buvette is an invitation to unwind, whether with a fancy pastry, a glass of wine, or a sophisticated cocktail. Starting at noon, a small menu inspired by the islands and the beach is also served, all in the charming setting of a former presbytery built in 1879. 

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