5 Reasons to Choose Québec City for Mountain Biking

Marie-Christine Daigneault
Marie-Christine Daignault
Published on May 11, 2022
Vélo de montagne au Massif de Charlevoix
Gabriel Gakwaya

The Québec City region has built its strong reputation over the years, with its exceptional network of mountain biking trails, the high quality of its many singletracks and the beauty of the landscapes. Here are 5 good reasons to ride the trails of the best mountain biking destination in Eastern Canada.

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    Enjoy the Most Beautiful Mountain Bike Trails

    Obviously, trails are the first reason to choose Québec City! You will find 5 major mountain biking parks within less than an hour's drive. That's 400 kilometres of singletrack trails in less than 150 km of driving. No need to say that it's not much travel for an incredible amount of options & fun!

    The variety of the networks, the profile, as well as the style of each park will surely satisfy all fans of mountain biking, no matter if they prefer cross-country, enduro or downhill riding. Beyond the awesome singletracks found in the area, there is also an incredible community that is very active and welcoming. The fact that locals are so friendly certainly adds to the charm of the sport! It only takes one visit to feel all the energy, the commitment and amazing and contagious good vibe of the region's mountain biking community. You will love it and definitely want to come back! 

    Discover our 5 parks

    • Massif de Charlevoix (enduro with lift)
    • Mont-Sainte-Anne (downhill with lift, enduro and cross-country)
    • Sentiers du Moulin (enduro and cross-country)
    • Empire 47 (enduro and cross-country)
    • Vallée Bras-du-Nord  (enduro and cross-country)

    Even though each one of them is unique and offers a distinctive profile of trails, all centers located in the Québec City area are working together to standardize user information, in order to ensure that everyone visiting the region, has an awesome experience. 

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    Enjoy the Lively Historic City

    As we all know, riding is not the only thing to do on a mountain biking vacation! After a long day on the trails, it is time to experience what’s around and to immerse yourself in the beautiful French-Canadian culture. It is very easy to go from the calm of the mountain to the vibrant & beautiful downtown Québec’s City, which is located within less than an hour’s drive of all the bike parks. 

    Lively and festive, Québec City is one of Canada's best cities. It has got a huge castle perched on the top of a cliff and its historic district is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is the only remaining fortified city north of Mexico, so you just can’t skip it!  It is gorgeous and it will make you feel as if you were in Europe for a few hours.

    Québec City has culture, arts and music engraved in its DNA. Its biggest event, Festival d’Été de Québec, happening every year in July, brings great international artists to the Plains of Abraham and adds a great atmosphere to the streets. 

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    Wake Your Taste Buds up on A Gourmet Journey

    The Québec City and Charlevoix regions abound in both local and international gastronomy, which means it is the perfect destination for foodies and epicureans. From the classic poutine to the succulent foie gras, every dish is pure pleasure! The high quality of the ingredients, the variety of the menus as well as the joie de vivre and the warm welcome of the restaurant owners, will surely charm you and make you want to come back.  

    Beer lovers will also tell you that the many craft breweries found in the region are definitely worth a visit, not just for their delicious craft beers, but also for the fun and friendly vibe you will find in these local pubs. In August, the Festibière is undoubtedly the summer event not to be missed if you wish to sample as many tasty & creative craft beers as you can, while enjoying the festive vibe of the event. 

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    Explore the Many Outdoor Activities

    In addition to all the awesome riding opportunities, each of the region's bike park offers a multitude of other outdoor activities, either on the same mountains or in the surrounding area. Hiking, via ferrata, canyoning, water activities, beach, swimming... There is bunch of fun options available to make sure all nature lovers will enjoy the best of the great outdoors! From the most classic to the most original activities, the hardest thing is definitely deciding which ones to do!

    Take advantage of the bike-friendly hotel options located a stone's throw from the best trails and outdoor activities.

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    See or Participate in Major Cycling Events

    Mont-Sainte-Anne has hosted the Cross Country and Downhill World Cup since 1991, which brings together 375 athletes from 30 countries. There's nothing more exciting than getting out there and cheering on these world-class riders! It is pretty hard to miss the major cycling events held in Québec City if you happen to be around!

    To sum it up, Québec City is a gorgeous city where you will find great outdoor activities, a friendly, welcoming & charming culture, amazing food, lots of live music and arts. It is fun & vibrant throughout the whole summer and the lovely accent of the locals, when they’ll try to speak English with you, will certainly add to the charm and make you want to order another poutine!

Major Cycling Events

  • Raid Bras du Nord
    Raid Bras-du-Nord
  • Ligne d'arrivée du Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec

    Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec


Marie-Christine Daigneault
Marie-Christine Daignault

Sportswoman, coach and patroller, Marie-Christine Daignault, journalist, specializes in the outdoors. Founder of Éditions Filles de Bois, her ultimate goal is to promote the image of women in mountain sports.

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