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Caroline Décoste
Caroline Décoste
Published on July 3, 2023
A family walking in Limoilou
Caroline Décoste

She’s a foodie, a proud local shopper, and a mom. She’s the spirit of Limoilou. Let’s join Sophie on an insider’s tour of the neighbourhood’s quaint alleys and famous shopping street, 3e Avenue, as we discover seven spots that put the love in “Limoilove.”

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    Gifts Galore at Article 721

    Our first stop is a one-of-a-kind gift shop, Article 721.

    It’s like Ali Baba’s cave of wonders. I never know what treasures I’m going to find!  

    Pins, posters designed by owner Émilie, jewelry, vintage clothes, candles, books—it’s wall-to-wall made-in-Québec. They even say that Article 721 is where the expression “Limoilove” was born. Sophie comes here to pick out greeting cards by local illustrators to send to her friends. “I'm big on supporting local businesses, and it’s so easy to do in Limoilou.”

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    A Bulk-Lover’s Dream at La Récolte

    When she’s running errands, Sophie always makes a beeline for bulk and minimalist grocery store La Récolte. Spices, pasta, coffee, soap, it’s all here.

    When La récolte opened, I breathed a sigh of relief. It was like, ‘Finally!’ They have tons of organic ingredients and fresh spices. I always stock up on coffee beans, too.

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    Limoilou’s Alleys

    Leaving 3e Avenue and exploring the side streets is time well spent. Limoilou is a neighbourhood known for its lively alleys, immortalized by poet and singer Sylvain Lelièvre who famously wrote, “Moi je suis d’une ruelle comme on est d’un village” (Some people come from a village, but me, I’m from an alley). Keep your eyes peeled! With 50 alleys spanning 11 km, there’s tons to discover.

    Behind my house is the last dirt alley in the neighbourhood. I love the majestic trees. The kids can spend hours playing out here. We know a lot of the neighbours. Limoilou without the alleys is not Limoilou!

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    Tasty Treats at Babeurre Délicatesses

    As a foodie, Sophie loves taking people to Babeurre Délicatesses, a charming and colourful neighbourhood café run by chef Karine Jacques. People come from all over for the madeleines, brioches, and all the other sweet goodness on the menu.

    I’ve been following Karine since she first started out. She’s super creative and her cooking is totally my kind of food. This place is like an extension of my own dining room!

    If the dish of the day has fish or mushrooms, Sophie’s a happy camper. Room for dessert? Impossible to resist!

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    Sugar Rush at Lilo

    It’s not summer in Limoilou until Lilo ice cream bar opens its doors. The tiny building has been in existence since the early 1960s. It’s a local institution!

    I love going to Lilo with my kids after school. I’m an ice cream minimalist: vanilla soft serve, plain and simple!

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    Flowers By the Armful at Madame Alice

    True to her love of all things local, Sophie takes a detour off 3e Avenue and over to 1re Avenue for a trip to Madame Alice’s flower shop.

    What I like about Madame Alice is that there are flowers grown locally, right here in Québec.

  • 7

    Pit Stop at Chez Carlos Café

    This one’s a well-kept secret. Near the hospital is a haven of Colombian cuisine, Chez Carlos Café.

    I usually order the same thing: pork arepas with that special green sauce on the side. So good! My kids love it too. Great food, and easy on the budget.

10 Glorious Years in Limoilou, and Counting

Sophie dans Limoilou
Caroline Décoste

Sophie is a journalist, author, and communications specialist who chose Limoilou more than 10 years ago. Trees, green spaces, and a large apartment were on her wish list. She quickly fell in love with the neighbourhood’s “nature in the city” vibe.

Limoilou is a village, and for me, that’s a good thing. We all play a part in each other’s lives.

Or, to put it more poetically, “You know me and I know you. We all love life in Limoilou!

Events in Limoilou

  • Ice Cube

    Ice Cube

    Ice Cube will make a stop in Quebec City as part of his ‘Straight into Canada’ tour.

  • Amon Amarth

    Amon Amarth

    This will be the must-see heavy metal event of the year!

  • Les Capitales de Québec

    Québec Capitales vs Sussex County Miners

    The Québec Capitales are are a professional baseball team based in Quebec City.

  • Les Capitales de Québec

    Québec Capitales vs Tri-City ValleyCat

    The Québec Capitales are are a professional baseball team based in Quebec City.

  • Les Capitales de Québec

    Québec Capitales vs Schaumburg Boomers

    The Québec Capitales are are a professional baseball team based in Quebec City.

  • Monster Spectacular 2024

    Monster Spectacular 2024

    For over 30 years, Monster Spectacular has been thrilling audiences with colossal trucks and phenomenal feats of strength!

  • Snoop Dogg

    Snoop Dogg

    The multi-platinum rapper Snoop Dogg is launching his Cali To Canada tour.

  • Les Capitales de Québec

    Québec Capitales vs Gateway Grizzlies

    The Québec Capitales are are a professional baseball team based in Quebec City. They are members of the Frontier League.


Caroline Décoste
Caroline Décoste

Caroline is a city girl who has spent most of her life in Québec City. The writer, translator, and author is passionate about her home town and loves sharing all things Québec with tourists and friends, from hot new restaurants to iconic spots and hidden gems. Her favourite hobby is exploring the city with her two kids and seeing it through their eyes!

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