4 Places for Christmas Shopping

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Published on October 21, 2020
Ville de Québec

Along with big shopping malls where you'll find everything you could imagine, the city is full of charming specialty boutiques and fabulous shopping districts. Browse the shops on foot in a laid-back atmosphere and get swept up in the fun of finding the perfect gift!

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    Streets Chock-a-Block with Great Gift Ideas

    With so many gift ideas at every turn, you'd think somebody had put a Holiday spell on the place. And did we mention the magical fairy-tale atmosphere?


    In a romantic European atmosphere, one-of-a-kind boutiques and bistros deliver an incomparable shopping and dining experience. Here, time seems to slow down and there's always a feeling of vacation in the air. Just a stone's throw from there, the Old Port's narrow cobblestone streets and impressive architecture reflect four centuries of history. Come visit the local craftspeople, boutiques, bistros, restaurants, art galleries and antique stores.

    Rue Saint-Jean and Old Québec

    A one-of-a-kind experience. You can go shopping every day of the year in the heart of Old Québec, summer or winter, rain or shine. You are greeted with a cheerful "bonjour!" at every one of the delightful boutiques, restaurants and cafés along rue Saint-Jean—400 years young and still as vibrant as ever!

    Faubourg Saint-Jean-Baptiste

    Choose from the wide selection of fine foods at gourmet shops, meet craftspeople in their workshops and browse in some of the trendiest boutiques in town. A living slice of real life in the heart of Québec City.


    Bustling with activity day and night, Avenue Cartier is unique for its many different types of merchants who have set up shop in the area, including over 20 restaurants and bars, gourmet grocery stores, trendy shops and health and beauty services.


    Saint-Roch is just the place for all your Holiday shopping. The area has a special atmosphere with its colourful illumination on St. Joseph Street. Add the fabulous Benjo toy store and you have a true winter wonderland.

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    The Christmas Store

    Feel the magic of Christmas as you explore this winter wonderland! Decorations, nativity sets, villages, souvenirs and other Christmas collectibles are a sure way to brighten someone's day, so treat yourself or a loved one to some comfort and joy! A merry little visit in the heart of Old Québec.

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    Shopping Malls

    A must on your list, the region’s big shopping malls are packed with gifts, clothing, toys, decorations—everything you need for your Christmas shopping!

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    The Grand Christmas Market

    The Grand Christmas Market is a great opportunity to take part in traditional activities and shop for original handicrafts. 

Équipe édito
Editorial Team

As proud ambassadors of our beloved city, we’re delighted to be sharing the things and places we love most in the Québec City area. What a joy for us to help you discover everything this vibrant and welcoming city has to offer!

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