17 New Restaurants You Need to Try

Terroir Vins et compagnie bar à tapas
Terroir Vins et compagnie

2020 was filled with challenges for restaurant owners and we’d just like to say: respect! Many of them showed incredible resilience in deciding to open a new restaurant despite the pandemic. Here are a few new in 2020 that you should definitely try. 

  • 1 Terroir — Vins et Compagnie

    The Corsican duo behind Montcalm’s Petits Creux Corsica Origina has a new baby: a wine bar in Petit-Champlain that makes a welcome addition to the city’s historic district. Stylish and elegant, the menu features Québec, private import, and high‑end wines. Be sure to order their eye-catching, mouthwatering, multi-level appy platter. 

  • 2 Alphonse

    From the team that brought you Sapristi and Les Trois Garçons comes Alphonse, a bistro with a seasonal menu inspired by the food of France and Italy, including French-style salade niçoise, coquilles St. Jacques, and crème brûlée and Italian-style pasta and burrata, among other things. The décor is incredibly suave and sophisticated, with plenty of copper that harkens back to the space’s former life as a bank.  

  • 3 Nina Pizza Napolitaine Saint-Jean-Baptiste

    Québec City’s most beloved Neapolitan pizza joint, Nina, opened a second location in Saint-Jean-Baptiste in early 2020. Known for its wood-fired pizza oven, Nina II toasts its tasty creations in an impressive gas-powered stove that was custom made in Italy. If you’re on the go, simply stroll up to the takeout window for a panuozzo, the delicious stuffed pizza treat that’s easy to eat with your hands. 

  • 4 Le Chêne et le Roseau

    This new brunch spot on Rue Saint-Jean has quickly gained in popularity, and with good reason. Dig into classics done right, like omelettes and eggs benny, or opt for the true house specialties, the pancakes and waffles, including the highly lauded chicken & waffles. The menu includes multiple vegetarian options. 

  • 5 Bleu Marine

    This tiny bistro on Rue Saint-Jean picks up where Moine Échanson left off, serving up culinary creations designed for specific wines. The multi‑talented duo that covers both back and front of house delivers myriad shades of delicious in pairings by turns classic and daring. A great way to discover the endless variations on the theme of enjoyment that emanate from glass and plate. 

  • 6 GAO comptoir vietnamien

    GAO is a Vietnamese food counter where the décor is minimalist and the food, luminous. The restaurant’s white interior serves as the perfect backdrop to fresh and colourful Vietnamese-style dishes. Many are available for takeout, including three Bánh mì, or Vietnamese subs: BBQ pork, soy pork, and—my favourite—grilled chicken.  

  • 7 Chika Ramen Izakaya

    Chika Ramen Izakaya is the latest celebration of Asian cuisine to join Québec City’s resto roster, with an emphasis on tasty Japanese specialties. The restaurant’s kitchen team serves up exciting creations that are all kinds of yum, like gyoza, takoyaki, katsuobushi, fried crab, and more. Be sure to try the Tonkotsu ramen, a rich, milky soup with irresistibly authentic flavours and textures that will transport you to the Land of the Rising Sun. 

  • 8 Café Québecor

    Café Québecor by Restos Plaisirs recently took up residence in the entrance hall of the majestic Pierre Lassonde Pavilion at the province’s fine arts museum, MNBAQ, and the sunlit space steals the show. Try their exhibition-inspired cocktails or enjoy a worldly brunch that transports you from Paris to Mexico via Québec City. 

  • 9 Kundah Hôtel

    Indian classics get a new twist from local ingredients at Kundah Hôtel.  

  • 10 Chéri coco

    This African restaurant has made a big splash on Québec City’s culinary scene. As colourful and festive as it is comforting, the West African food at Chéri coco is a blend of home-cooked fare and typical street food. The roasted, grilled, stewed, and fried dishes will add some heat and sun to your plate—and your day! 

  • 11 Julio Taqueria

    Tacos are an iconic staple of Mexican street food. They’re also the signature dish at Julio Taqueria on Rue Saint-Vallier Ouest, in Saint-Sauveur. The restaurant’s kitchen team takes tacos to new heights thanks to housemade tortillas and bold, accessible flavours that hit all the right notes. The churros and sublime dulce de leche are a must for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

  • 12 Jalisco 

    Mexican cuisine is festive, colourful, and exquisitely joyful, which is exactly what you’ll find on the menu at Jalisco Tacos & Drinks, on Limoilou’s 1re Avenue. Located in an intimate space that once housed the popular Madame Charlotte, Jalisco draws inspiration from traditional Mexican home cooking, serving up dishes like pozole, a hearty cacahuazintle corn soup, and birria, a tasty Mexican stew made with beef and steamed pork’s head, or cabeza. Daring and delicious! 

  • 13 Tonino

    The food at Tonino is firmly anchored in chef Anthony Travaglini’s family traditions. In a restaurant with a charm reminiscent of the old country, he serves up his personality, his roots, and the flavours encountered on his many travels. On the menu, you’ll find housemade charcuterie, fresh pasta, catches of the day, and local meat, all in portions worthy of a doting Italian mama. Sharing is strongly recommended. 

  • 14 Verre Pickl’

    Give your tastebuds a reason to dance and sing with an evening well spent at Verre Pickl’. Every night, guests sit down at a long table to a delicious, multicourse meal featuring local ingredients and a menu that changes with the seasons.  

  • 15 Phil’s Fish & Chips

    If you love the light and crispy batter of London-style fish ‘n’ chips, Phil is your man! Once a food truck and now a snack shack, Phil’s Fish & Chips serves up some of the freshest fish in the city. Food is ordered at the counter, served with chips (aka fries) and a housemade dessert, and best enjoyed without utensils!  

  • 16 Comptoir La Piadina

    Question: Is a meal at Galeries de la Canardière reason enough for a drive to Beauport? Answer: Yes—especially if you’re eating at La Piadina! The food counter serves up authentic flatbreads like those served in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region. Perfect for lunch or pre-dinner drinks, they’re made to order with quality traditional ingredients like prosciutto and fior di latte mozzarella. My personal recommendation: the basil piadina! 

  • 17 Madame Chose

    Madame Chose is quite the character! This elegant, theatrical space is full of colour and whimsy, with a lighting scheme that shifts as the sun moves through the sky. Pull up a chair in the lush courtyard and enjoy the ambiance of an eccentric society lady’s vast abode. Of particular note: the fresh fish and seasonal vegetarian dishes inspired by the flavours of the boreal forest. 

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