Best Affordable Restaurants in Québec City

Allison Van Rassel
Allison Van Rassel
Updated on February 1, 2024
Meal with friends at a restaurant, with plenty of alcohol and food.
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What are the best restaurants in Québec City for cheap eats?

Everyone likes to make a great bargain and to have more quality and quantity than his money’s worth. These affordable restaurants are where you’ll find locals eating their heart out on dishes packed with flavours. Located in some of the trendiest neighbourhoods like Limoilou, Saint-Sauveur and Saint-Roch, these cheap eats restaurants are literally the best bang for your buck you’ll find in Québec City. 

  • 1

    Bagel Maguire Café

    Montreal-style bagels

    I love bagels, but not all bagels. I love the Montreal-style bagels, with sesame seeds cooked in a wood oven. The one that softly resists the bite with a dense, melt-in-your mouth feel. Sillery’s Bagel Maguire Café bagels are these ones. I regularly visit at lunchtime and choose the BLT sandwich or their homemade soups and side of Caesar salad. 

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    Tuscany in Québec City

    Avenue Cartier has nothing in common with Tuscany but Morena. You’ll find a wide variety of petit pots, oils, tomato sauces and carefully selected privately imported wines. Chefs Natrella’s lunches à l’ostéria differentiate Morena from other European groceries in Québec City. Formerly chef of the famous signer Charles Aznavour, Chef Natrella’s playground is filled with bright colours of the Mediterranean: cannellonis, stuffed peppers, traditional quiches and pasta on the go. I highly recommend lunch on their terrace during summer, a place where locals often gather for a daily chat.   

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    Grillades Pico Loco

    Charcoal-grilled Portuguese chicken

    Formerly known as restaurant Poulet Portuguais, this restaurant is owned and operated by Stoyan Napolenov and his family. His fascination with Portuguese tastes makes Grillades Pico Loco one of my favourite restaurants in Québec City. I always choose the spicy chicken leg dabbed with Stoyan’s delectable homemade hot sauce. The chicken slowly grills on a charcoal barbecue for 2 hours and is served with a generous portion of fries. Don’t miss the sweet pastel de nata

  • 4

    Buffet de l’Antiquaire

    Unique Québécois flavours

    Tucked away in the district of the Old Port, the Buffet has nothing to do with an all-you-can-eat restaurant. This diner serves traditional Québécois dishes like cipaille, pig's trotter stew, meat pie and maple syrup baked beans. Breakfast is also served all day in hearty portions. I love their breakfast potatoes cut in tiny squares and griddled with onion. Of all the restaurants in Québec City, Buffet de l’Antiquaire is where you’ll get the most authentic Québécois experience. 

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    Le Chic Shack

    Burgers and milkshakes

    Steps from rue du Trésor and straight across the street from the Château Frontenac, the Chic Shack is a popular destination. All their burgers are served in a fresh pain brioché made from the hands of local artisan baker Éric Borderon. In season, I often bite into their Îles de la Madeleine lobster burger, oozing with love and homemade aioli.

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    Casse-Croûte Pierrot

    Late night greasy spoon

    The Casse-Croûte Pierrot is the best place for a late night snack. With delivery until the wee hours of the morning, Pierrot serves one of my favourite poutines in Québec. It has savoury, meat-flavoured gravy with generous small cheese curds that melt until the very last bite. This classic poutine doesn’t disappoint, no matter the time of day.

  • 7

    Le Renard et la Chouette

    A charming, trendy buvette

    Le Renard & la Chouette is where an industrial decor meets country-feel dishes and organic, biodynamic wines. It is where my palate flocks to enjoy a variety of slow-cooked dishes that transcend comfort and home-style warmth. You’ll find it hard to resist their scones served with friendly, welcoming smiles. Some evening dishes are intended for sharing, which I regularly do with friends. My pick: the tartiflette made with generous flavours of Portneuf cheese broiled upon layers of potatoes slices : decadent! Their vegetarian chilli is also one of the best chillies I have had in my life.

  • 8

    Tora-Ya Ramen

    Rich broths for authentic ramen

    Among these artisans, I like the Tora-Ya Ramen, that serves real Japanese cuisine in a restaurant decorated in the style of traditional izakaya pubs. At the moment you walk through the door, the rich bold aromas of the simmering broths trigger salivation. I find it hard to choose other than the kimchi ramen for its spicy and generous Korean aromas. 


  • 9

    Bureau de Poste

    A highly popular menu

    I call this restaurant of Saint-Roch the riders’ hut. I see myself as a teenager truly enjoying le Bureau de Poste’s well-targeted ambiance. Expect a 90’s punk band soundtrack and extreme sports movies. My picks are the juicy braised beef burger and the apple quinoa salad. Expect a line-up every day no matter the season. Yes, it’s that popular. 

  • 10

    Phil Smoked Meat

    The art of smoked meat

    Phil Smoked Meat is my favourite place in town to enjoy a smoked meat sandwich. I love everything about Phil, especially the homemade coleslaw. A popular local hangout that feels authentic, exactly how I want my smoked meat sandwich. Served with rye bread and a choice of «baseball» or Dijon mustard, Phil’s smoked meat sandwiches are generous and finger-licking good.

  • 11

    La Boîte à Pain

    Breads, sandwiches and sweets

    La Boîte à Pain has 3 locations: Saint-Roch, Limoilou and Ste-Foy. Their pizzas, sandwiches and calzones are packed with tasteful ingredients. Their breads are created according to traditional baking methods. La Boîte à Pain also propose a few desserts including chocolate chip cookies and my favourite snack, the peanut butter and chocolate granola bar. 

Allison Van Rassel
Allison Van Rassel

Journalist, columnist and blogger, Allison is passionate about Québec City’s culinary culture. Curious and aware of the latest culinary trends, Allison makes the region’s foodie culture shine bright.

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