The Best Poutines in Québec City

A plate of poutine, Quebec's traditionnal dish
D. Lafond

A guilty pleasure where 3 ingredients fuse into a typically Québécois meal: French fries and fresh cheese curds topped with abundant gravy. It’s decadent, highly caloric and painstakingly good. If you are going to indulge, here are my must-try poutines that are easily accessible by foot within or around downtown. 

  • 1 Le Chic Shack

    Gourmet poutine with style

    The Chic Shack is a popular destination for gourmet burgers, generous milkshakes and, of course, poutine. Every sauce is made in house and served with smashed Yukon Gold potatoes—yes physically smashed potatoes—that are deep-fried and mixed in with large chunks of fresh cheddar cheese. Their list of toppings is mouth-watering, but the braised beef remains my favourite. Bonus points for the gorgeous view on the Château Frontenac!

  • 2 Poutineville

    Create your own poutine

    Years away from the classic a poutine, Poutineville prides itself on imaginative toppings and flavour combinations. You can even create your own mix; add smoked meat, Philly steak, feta or goat cheese, anything is possible. Or opt for the 15-pound Heart Attack plate, the biggest poutine in town.

  • 3 Brasserie Artisanale La Korrigane

    Beer lover’s delight

    In Québec, beer and poutine go hand in hand. La Korrigane is an artisanal microbrewery that has taken the pairing to a whole new level by creating a thick, lightly sweetened beer-flavoured gravy. Kraken brew in hand –a take on the English pale ale– and a mouthful of fresh cheese curds, this dish is wicked good. 

  • 4 Chez Gaston

    Greasy spoon par excellence

    In downtown Saint-Roch, this tiny greasy spoon dishes up one of the most decadent poutines in Québec. Chez Gaston’s golden, crispy fries are covered in an unctuous and rich beef-flavoured sauce. Choose a seat at the counter, order a Gaston and watch the cooks add mouthfuls of griddled sausages, onions and meat to your plate.

  • 5 Fromagerie des Grondines & ses amis

    The artisan’s interpretation

    The Fromagerie des Grondines is an artisan and organic cheese producer from Portneuf. They own a deli in Saint-Roch where they sell a wide range of local products from the greater Québec City area. They also serve sandwiches and a poutine made with their Deschambault cheese; it gives it such a creamy taste. With local potatoes and homemade chicken and veal gravy, this poutine gets the locavores' seal of approval.

  • 6 Frite Alors!

    My favourite classic poutine

    This is my favourite classic rendition of poutine: crispy fries, hearty stock and big chunks of fresh squeaky cheese. Forget outrageous toppings, just 3 simple and tasty ingredients. Frite Alors is a small joint set in a quiet, yet trendy residential area (in Montcalm district and in Limoilou district). I love the restaurant’s cartoon decor that stands out among the neighbouring condos. It’s the best price-to-quality ratio. Québec’s Frite Alors location is atop my list of best poutines in the province.

  • 7 Casse-croûte Pierrot

    Popular late night eat

    Open 24 hours a day with free delivery until 5 am, Pierrot is a minuscule neighbourhood eatery, exceptionally popular for late night cravings. Here, the cheese curds are uncommonly small and slowly melt with every bite. This version stands out for its dark and oh-so-savoury beef sauce poured onto sweet, caramelized fries.

  • 8 Chez Ashton

    The most popular poutine

    We couldn't write an article about Québec City's best poutines without mentioning the most popular poutine in town: the poutine of Chez Ashton. For many locals traveling abroad, it's one of the first meals to eat when coming back home! 

Allison Van Rassel, chroniqueuse culinaire
Allison Van Rassel

Journalist, columnist and blogger, Allison is passionate about Québec City’s culinary culture. Curious and aware of the latest culinary trends, Allison makes the region’s foodie culture shine bright.

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