Centre de l'Hêtre

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This transformational well-being centre is located only 25 minutes from Québec City in a picturesque natural setting, where the nearby mountains are reflected in the lake. The Centre de l’Hêtre is committed to connecting people with nature, and each guest’s stay is adapted accordingly: a forest holiday during which outdoor activities like canoeing or snowshoeing may be practised, or a wellness retreat including massage therapy and life coaching. Here at Centre de l’Hêtre, the lush environment stimulates the mind and rejuvenates the soul.

All Days: 9am - 11am, All Days: 3pm - 6pm

Free Outdoor on Site

Beauty Treatments
Indoor Swimming Pool
Massage Therapy
Nordic Spa
Outdoor Swimming Pool
71, chemin Fleming
Lac-Beauport, QC,
G3B 2k3
Centre de l'Hêtre

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