10 Places for Foodies to Try in Portneuf

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Published on July 3, 2023
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Love eating local and meeting the people behind all that delicious fare? Portneuf is the perfect destination for a gourmet getaway! Here are 10 stops that belong on any good foodie itinerary.

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    L’Esprit de Clocher Craft Brewery

    In Neuville, we love pulling up a chair on the gorgeous patio at L’Esprit de Clocher to enjoy one of the fine beers brewed on site. This year, the microbrewery has teamed up with Le Baldaquin to open a friendly pub restaurant, with a menu featuring tartares, poké bowls, pizzas, sandwiches, and salads. 

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    La Fosse Craft Brewery

    Lovers of craft beer can’t go wrong in Portneuf. There are so many to choose from! In Donnacona, La Fosse is a great place for a pint and a meal featuring local ingredients.

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    Ti-Oui Snack Bar

    No trip to Saint-Raymond is complete without a meal at this iconic snack shack. The poutine is famous and the fried chicken, delicious!

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    Le Roquemont

    In Saint-Raymond, craft brewery Le Roquemont is the perfect place to pair a delicious meal with a local pint, hands down. If you’re seated inside, you may even see the brewer in action!

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    Miel & Co

    It’s always nice to stop by and say hello to the beekeepers at Miel & Co. The Miel & Co store is a charming place to learn about the importance of bees and pick up a delicious item or three, including their famous honey. For an unforgettable experience, be sure to book a spot on their guided tour.

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    Julie Vachon Chocolate and Artisanal Ice Cream Shop

    Who could say no to fine chocolates and artisanal ice cream? More to the point: who would want to? Julie Vachon’s shop in Deschambault-Grondines is the perfect sweet-tooth fix. Our favourite: the raspberry twist soft serve dipped in chocolate. Divine!

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    Fromagerie des Grondines

    Des Grondines cheeseworks has it all: tastings, guided tours, and a wide array of delectable organic cheese made with raw cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, and goat’s milk. Keep the FOMO at bay by bringing a cooler and filling it up with cheese from the shop. Seriously.

  • 8


    For a fascinating incursion into the world of essential oils, Aliksir is a must. At their Grondines shop, some 32 aromatic herbs and spices extracted from certified organic plants are used to create flavoured cooking oils. Grab a few to bring home and take your meals to the next level!

  • 9


    Québec spirits are making waves, and it isn’t hard to see why! Case in point: distillery Ubald, which makes a fine collection of gins and other terroir alcohols with its very own potatoes. For visitors to the distillery, there’s a store, tastings, and even a guided tour (reservation required).  

  • 10

    La Ferme d’Achille

    Sea buckthorn is a little orange berry with a wonderful array of health benefits. And Ferme d’Achille is the perfect place to learn more about this lesser-known superfood. The berry farm has been growing sea buckthorn for over twenty years using organic, sustainable farming methods. The farm’s flagship product is Argouille, a sparkling sea buckthorn drink. Sound a little funky? The taste is divine! The farm also sells sea buckthorn jellies, jams, seasonings, hot sauces, skincare products, and more.

Bonus Recommendation: Dine Around Portneuf

For anyone visiting Portneuf between June 30 and September 3, 2023, ten different restaurants and snack shacks in the area will have special menus featuring terroir products. It’s a great chance to try innovative local fare, either for a sit-down meal or a picnic. For help planning a delicious itinerary, see the list of participating restaurants.

Foodies, Portneuf awaits!

To learn more about the Portneuf region and plan your stay, visit www.tourisme.portneuf.com


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Photo de Marylin Préfontaine
Marilyn Préfontaine

Marilyn is a proud Québec City local and a contributor for numerous magazines, blogs, and newspapers. She has also published a novel, plays, and board games, and always has something on the go! Marilyn is a hardcore foodie and serial traveller with a passion for discovering new places and telling the world about them. 

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