5 Reasons to Catch a Capitales Baseball Game

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Updated on May 8, 2024
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Seeing the Québec Capitales in action is always a blast, for seasoned baseball fans and newbies alike. An evening at the ballpark is definitely worth including in any summer trip to Québec City. Here’s why we love booking tickets to see the Capitales.

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    The Level of Play Is Impressive

    Watching professional players in action is always impressive. Trust us: it’s a far cry from your friendly neighbourhood game! The Capitales play in the Frontier League and have been crowned league champions a whopping nine times. They are the defending champions who won the championship in 2022 and 2023. We’re talking serious professional baseball.

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    The Vibe Is Super Festive

    Capitales games are thrilling for fans but are also known for being a great party! The weekly games are designed to be fun for everyone. The fireworks on Fridays and $1 Hot Dog on Saturdays have become classics, but the other evenings are also fun with a variety of promotions and lively music. And the themed nights throughout the season really get the people going.

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    The Location Is Perfect

    Canac Stadium is in the heart of the city, so it’s easy to get there on foot, by bike, with a car, or using public transit. Parking is also free on game days, but get there early to find a spot and enjoy the pre-game festivities!

    There’s also a stunning view of the city and the gorgeous trees in Victoria Park from the bleachers. Plus, it’s in Saint-Roch, which has tons of great options to wrap up the evening in style. 

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    It’s a Classic Family Outing

    Finding activities that are fun for both kids and parents can sometimes be a challenge, but a Capitales game spells fun for everyone. Kids love the Family Zone, where they can run around, play on the bouncy castle, eat ice cream, and meet the team mascot, Capi. Kids are welcome at all Capitales games and Sunday is family day!

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    Tickets are Super Affordable

    Going to a game at an arena or stadium can be pretty pricey these days, but not when it’s the Capitales! General admission for adults starts at $12 + taxes. Food and drinks onsite are really affordable as well!

    At $21 and $24, respectively, upper-level and box seats are also a great deal. The Blaxton Zone is another good option: tickets are $35 and include three adult drinks.

    For all types of tickets, it’s best to book in advance for easy access to a fantastic evening of baseball.

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Photo de Marylin Préfontaine
Marilyn Préfontaine

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