Best Terrace Restaurants in Québec City and Around

Allison Van Rassel
Allison Van Rassel
Updated on April 30, 2024
La Cale du Port de Québec
Port de Québec

One of the best places to soak in the summer vibes of bars and restaurants in Québec City is on a patio. Shielded by greenery, discreetly veiled or staring onto the St. Lawrence River, some terraces offer more than just a mysterious or charming appeal. Below, you’ll find Québec City’s most beautiful terraces worthy of unforgettable memories.

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    Open-Air Restaurants in the Old Port

    Several streets in the Old Port turn into terraces and allow visitors to live the unique experience of a huge open-air restaurant, where renowned chefs welcome them with their finest local products. The event La Grande Tablée takes place from Thursday to Sunday, on rue Saint-Paul, rue du Sault-au-Matelot and Place de la FAO.

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    La Cale du Port de Québec

    La Cale du Port de Québec feels like an oasis in the heart of the Old Port. Located along the waterfront of the majestic St. Lawrence River, this pool-like terrace offers the ideal atmosphere to soak up summer vibes. La Cale is obviously the most refreshing terrace in town. 

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    With its partial view of the St. Lawrence River, oversized patio umbrellas, and heat lamps, the patio at L’Orygine bistro is gaining traction as one of the finest in the city. Set within the walls of a heritage building, this patio has an intimate feel that brings you to a fuller appreciation of the cuisine. Be sure to try their superb cocktails (or mocktails) made with wild edibles.

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    La Maison Smith (Place Royale)

    Have your coffee in a picture-perfect setting at this café with a patio on the site where Québec was founded. Enjoy the morning calm or watch Place Royale grow more animated as the day goes on. Also recommended are the tasty sandwiches and pastries. 

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    Café du Monde

    What could be better than starting the day with a panoramic view on the St. Lawrence River? The Café du Monde is a meeting place for a festive breakfast and an excellent starting point for a day of discoveries in the Old Port.

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    Le Lapin Sauté

    If the title of “Most Beautiful Street’’ in Canada from 2014 does not convince you to visit Le Petit-Champlain, then the Lapin Sauté’s terrace will. It looks so small next to the immensity of the cliff and the park's foliage. If seated close to the rock, you’ll feel cool air escaping from it; a shivering experience. An exceptional environment for a weekend brunch. 

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    Musée de la civilisation's Courtyard Terrace

    Enclosed between the walls of Musée de la civilisation and those of an historic house, this quaint patio is a well-kept secret.

    Visiting the Museum or Old Québec, this is the perfect place to quench your thirst and have a bite. Open during the day only, Nollen offers cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, coffees, teas and matchas available in iced versions, homemade ice cream sandwiches, floats, tasty bruschettas and more.

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    Le Diamant's Rooftop Terrace

    Le Diamant gives access to its spectacular rooftop terrace for a happy hour with an exceptional view of Old Québec, the fortifications, the Château Frontenac and Place D'Youville. Combined with the free visit of the magnificent theatre and a dinner at the new BŌ - Cuisine d'Asie restaurant located in the same building, here is the perfect formula for a memorable night.

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    La Barberie

    The Saint-Roch neighbourhood is home to La Barberie, a pioneer brewing cooperative in Québec, recognized by artisan beer lovers far and wide. La Barberie is without a doubt the greenest, down-to-earth terrace in Québec City. Bring your kids and enjoy summer! 

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    Le Sacrilège

    Le Sacrilege’s terrace is one of the Faubourg Saint-Jean’s best kept secrets. Caved in part by stonewalls and mature trees, it is completely concealed from the street; one must walk to the end of the bar to discover a near Garden of Eden setting where vintage furniture reveals history and several tests of time. A popular hangout among local artists. 

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    Cassis Monna & Filles

    Sunsets hunters will definitely appreciate the heated terrace of Cassis Monna & Filles in Saint-Pierre-de-l’Île-d’Orléans, with a clear view of the Laurentians mountains and bridge of the island. Below the terrace and next to a fraction of the blackcurrant plants is a welcoming and family-friendly rest area. Cassis Monna & Filles has created an enchanting environment where happiness is harvested from the farm to the table. 

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    Napa Grill

    Dive into the Californian atmosphere of the sunny patio bordering the pool at Le Bonne Entente hotel. Let yourself be charmed by the enticing menu of Napa Grill, where surf and turf shine: fresh seafood towers, a raw bar with oysters, tartares, and seasonal creations, as well as juicy charcoal-grilled delights. 

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    Quai 1635

    It only takes a few seconds to truly feel like you are on vacation on Quai 1635's magnificent terrace. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this restaurant located by the St. Lawrence River, at the foot of the promontory where the explorer Jacques Cartier settled in the winter of 1540. Combine your visit with a stroll along Parc de la Plage-Jacques-Cartier

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    La Souche Stoneham

    Nestled in the heart of nature, the terrace of La Souche microbrewery offers an idyllic setting to relax and enjoy the spectacular panorama of the surrounding mountains. It's the perfect place to recharge after a day of outdoor activities. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, with a touch of festivity brought by the live music that enlivens the evenings.

Allison Van Rassel
Allison Van Rassel

Journalist, columnist and blogger, Allison is passionate about Québec City’s culinary culture. Curious and aware of the latest culinary trends, Allison makes the region’s foodie culture shine bright.

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