Ice Cream Spots in Québec City

Cassis Monna & filles
Cassis Monna & filles

In Québec, our winters are harsh. Ironically, when hot summer days come along, we generally feel the need… for frozen treats! You can take a Québécois out of Québec, but you can’t take Québec out of a Québécois! And boy do we know how to keep ourselves cool and refreshed. With or without a spoon follow us along the trail of our favourite frozen treats. 

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    Plunging soft ice cream in a bath of melting chocolate is a national pastime. What’s not to love about a thick coating of milk or dark chocolate atop a frozen cone of soft vanilla ice cream? That very first bite feels like happiness in a cone. For authentic chocolate dipping sauce, or anything chocolate really, Erico is a year-round go-to destination. 

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    Tutto Gelato

    Tutto Gelato’s classic Italian delicacies like sorbetti, granite, caffè e biscotti are very popular among locals. They are also very easy to find: look for the (worth the wait) line-up on Rue Saint-Jean. Mix and match more than 60 artigianale flavours like nocciola, frutti di bosco, vaniglia, caramello al fior di salecioccolato e peperonico, etc. in a cone or in a cup.

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    Chocolats Favoris

    Chocolats Favoris is a Québec City institution, thanks to the 12 varieties of melted chocolate waiting to envelope your cone of softserve in chocolatey goodness. Don’t miss one of their latest creation, a drinkable dessert called Chou Chou. And don’t worry about the line-up—you’ll need that time to pick your dipping flavour! Note that ice cream is temporarily served in bowls due to the COVID-19 situation.

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    Gaël Vidricaire

    In spring and summer, Gaël Vidricaire pastry shop adds exceptional artisanal ice creams to its range of refined pastries. Consecrated pastry chef of the year by the society of chefs and pastry chefs of Québec in 2019, Ms. Vidricaire will surprise you with flavours that you will not find anywhere else. Ice cream and sweet treats lovers, this is the place for you!

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    Le Glacier Aberdeen

    Glacier Aberdeen is a true oasis of peace in the heart of the Montcalm neighbourhood. Whether you're looking for a Belgian chocolate dip, a delicious sundae with authentic maple flavours, a tasty artisanal ice cream from Bilboquet or a vegan delight, everyone will find their small piece of happiness.

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    La Crèmerie Générale

    Julie Vachon is an artisan chocolate maker in Deschambault, Portneuf. Her Crèmerie Générale offers delicate aromas and flavours made with the exact attention to detail she gives her chocolate. Indulge in colourful sorbets, vivid gelatos and homemade ice cream made with local ingredients like basil, corn, pear, coco, honey, elderberry and blackcurrant.  

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    La Bûche Glacée

    La Bûche Glacée serves the trendiest frozen treat: rolled ice cream. Made to order and churned live on a -20 degree plate, rolled ice cream is made frozen from 10% fresh cream and kid-friendly flavours like fudge-brownies, strawberry and cotton candy. Let your inner child run free and indulge in their most popular delight, a reversed sundae made with Québec’s traditional sucre à la crème

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    Cassis Monna & filles

    From the field to their dairy bar, sisters Anne and Catherine Monna have set up an inviting environment to indulge in nature’s beauty. A wide assortment of frozen treats including drinks and sorbets are available, but don't miss their flawless artisanal soft ice cream made with vanilla and blackcurrant.

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    Chocolaterie de l'île d'Orléans

    A tour around Île d'Orléans is not complete without a stop at Chocolaterie de l'Île d'Orléans, where you can enjoy an ice cream cone dipped in chocolate made by chocolate artisans. The beauty of the island transcends on this bicentenary house terrace. Do not miss the nearby rue Horatio Walker to admire the St. Lawrence River and Québec City's skyline.

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    Praline et Chocolat

    If you're heading to Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine or to Mont-Sainte-Anne, make sure to stop at Praline et Chocolat. You'll be charmed by this little place with a great smell of pastries. For our greatest pleasure, the house prepares delicious ice cream in season.

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