Getting Around Québec City

Walkers on the Plains of Abraham
Plaines d'Abraham, Guy Lessard

Getting Around in an Eco-Responsible Way

eco Whether on foot, by bike, by public transit or by tourist shuttle, there are several ways to get around and visit the region's attractions responsibly. Discover our advice to reduce your footprint as much as possible when travelling in the region.

Visiting Québec City with a Car

Planning on taking your car into town? Here’s information on parking in Old Québec, plus winter driving tips, where to find charging stations for electric vehicles,  and a few traffic rules you should know.

Car Rental

Here are the companies offering rental car service in the Québec City area:


Taxis in Québec City can be identified by the sign on their roofs. There are several companies. We suggest that you call one of them and they will send a car or ask your hotel concierge.

Transport to and from the Airport

Jean-Lesage International Airport (505, Rue Principale, G2G 0J4) is located around 15 km from Québec City’s downtown area.  It is easy to get to by public transit and taxi.

  • RTC public transit: Departures every 30 minutes, every day. $3.50 per ride (exact change).
    Route 76 connects the airport to the bus and train stations in Sainte-Foy with connections available to downtown and Old Québec.
    Route 80 connects the airport to Québec City downtown (Saint-Roch neighbourhood), with connections available to Old Québec and the Convention Centre.
  • Taxi: The taxi fare between Jean-Lesage International Airport and the city centre is a flat $41.40.

Transport to and from Train Stations

All trains serve the two stations in Québec City.  It’s a matter of choosing which station best suits your travel needs:

  • The Gare du Palais (450, Rue de la Gare du Palais, G1K 3X2) train station is situated in Old Québec in Lower Town. Many visitors staying in the Old Québec area find it easy to actually walk to the train station. You can also take RTC routes 800 or 1.
  • The Gare de Sainte-Foy (3255, Chemin de la Gare, G1W 3A8) train station is a five-minute taxi ride from hotels in the area (Boulevard Laurier and Avenue des Hôtels). RTC route 76 also connects to downtown.  Departures every 30 minutes, every day. 

Transport to and from Bus Terminals (Intercity Buses)

All intercity buses serve Québec City’s two bus terminals. Like with the train stations, it’s a matter of choosing which terminal best suits your travel needs:

  • Gare du Palais Bus Terminal (320, Rue Abraham Martin, G1K 3X2): This terminal is located in the same building as the train station (Old Québec). It is within easy walking distance of many Old Québec accommodations, but you can also take RTC routes 800 or 1.
  • Sainte-Foy Bus Terminal (3001, Chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois, G1V 5A6): This terminal is easy to get to via RTC routes 800 and 801.


The ferry links Québec City and Lévis 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It sails on the hour and half-hour during the day and every hour at night.

Limousines and Other Vehicles with Driver

Motocycle and Scooter

Note that motorcycles are not allowed inside the walls of the Old City unless you have a reservation at a hotel inside the walls.

Scooter rental:

Taxi Boat

To go from point A to point B along or across the St. Lawrence River, take the taxi boat (zodiac type). Reservation necessary.

Vue aérienne du parc national de la Jacques- Cartier avec brume

Calculate Your Trip’s Carbon Footprint

Use our tool to calculate and offset the CO2 emissions from your trip to Québec City. Your carbon offset will be used to plant trees in the boreal forest.

Offset My Trip’s Carbon Footprint  

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