A Wellness Retreat at Le Monastère des Augustines

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Published on January 27, 2020
Yoga at Monastère des Augustines
Le Monastère des Augustines

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With the hectic pace of life these days, it’s no wonder people are feeling stressed. We want to excel at everything we do, we’re constantly on the go, and our calendars are booked months in advance. That’s why it so important to take a step back and recharge your batteries from time to time, so you can breathe a little easier, live in the moment, and get back to your life with a new, healthier frame of mind.

Wellness tourism is a growing travel trend that meets the need to let go and reconnect with your inner self. Below, you’ll find 7 great reasons to give yourself the gift of a rejuvenating stay at Monastère des Augustines.

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    A Soothing Experience in a Unique Historic Setting

    Le Monastère des Augustines
    Mention de source Le Monastère des Augustines

    Le Monastère des Augustines was founded on the site of the first North American hospital north of Mexico by the Augustine sisters, the first nuns sent to New France in the 17th century with the aim of tending to body and soul of those living in the new colony. True to its roots, today’s Le Monastère des Augustines offers unique accommodation with an emphasis on holistic health. Open to all cultures and beliefs, the monastery is a wonderful place to heal your spirit in an inspired historical setting. You’ll be dazzled by the architecture as soon as you walk through the door: the restored and expanded complex features ancient stone walls, original woodwork, and period furnishings set off by contemporary additions. There’s certainly no shortage of photo opportunities! If you want to dive a little deeper, the monastery museum retraces nearly four centuries of history, so you can learn more about the evolution and social contribution of Québec’s Augustine nuns.

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    A Chance to Soak in the Peacefulness of the Place

    Le Monastère des Augustines
    Mention de source Le Monastère des Augustines

    With its aromatherapy, simple and comfortable rooms, and big windows that let in plenty of natural light, Le Monastère des Augustines offers guests a calm, soothing environment conducive to relaxation and reflection. To benefit further from the monastery’s calming effect, guests are encouraged to put away their electronic devices for the duration of their stay. This is your chance to slow down, to focus on what’s important, to rest. “Let's unplug! Yes! We'll survive.” as a signage placed in front of the Monastery's boutique reminds us nicely.

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    A Personalized Stay Aligned with the Principles of Holistic Health

    Le Monastère des Augustines
    Mention de source Le Monastère des Augustines

    The monastery offers a varied program combining culture and holistic health. Take advantage of the wide range of services, activities, and specialized treatments to help restore your balance and sense of well‑being, including yoga, meditation, massages, facials, nutritional consultations, private movement, breathing and posture sessions, and more. You can event attend a meditative concert in the vaulted cellar or a classical music concert in the section of the monastery known as the “choir.” The members of the monastery’s holistic health team are always on hand to share their knowledge and offer guidance throughout your stay. Browse the different monastery packages to find the one that’s right for you. You can sleep in an authentic nun’s “cell” (restored to combine antique furnishings and modern comfort) or a contemporary room (fully renovated rooms that still have plenty of historical cachet).

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    A Mindful Eating Made Simple

    Le Monastère des Augustines
    Mention de source Le Monastère des Augustines

    The beneficial effects of healthy eating are a basic tenet at the monastery. At Le Monastère des Augustines' restaurant you’ll enjoy colourful, balanced, varied meals, both with and without meat and featuring local and seasonal products, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the Augustine tradition, you’ll be invited to breakfast in silence. Be brave and give it a try! You’ll immediately feel the benefits of starting your day in a calmer, more peaceful frame of mind. Soon you won’t want to breakfast any other way! You’ll also want to sample the vast selection of healthy infusions made from medicinal plants, the recipes for which are inspired by those found in the Augustine archives. The monastery houses a treasure trove of remarkable historical documents that reveal the contents of the apothecary’s cupboards and the virtues of the medicinal plants used by the Augustines. Be sure to try the invigorating Sérénité healthy infusion, made of rosemary, basil, ginseng, and sweet marjoram.

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    A Sustainable, Socially Responsible Tourism

    Cour arrière du Monastère des Augustines
    Mention de source Le Monastère des Augustines

    By staying at Le Monastère des Augustines, you’ll help perpetuate the values and mission of its founders and preserve an invaluable heritage site. As an example, your stay will go towards offering support and respite for people who take care of others through a program that gives caregivers, personal attendants, and people who work and volunteer in health and social services access to monastery accommodation and activities. Moreover, the monastery operates according to the principles of sustainable development and has earned a 5 Green Key rating for its high standards of environmental and social responsibility—one of only three hotels in Québec to earn the distinction. It’s a wonderful way to travel and invest in your wellness while showing your solidarity and your commitment to the environment!

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    The Nearness of Old Québec

    Mention de source Jeff Frenette Photography

    Le Monastère des Augustines is one of the rare wellness centres located in the historic heart of a city, near the main tourist attractions. That makes it an ideal location for embracing the slow travel movement. Keep your schedule light. Live in the moment. Stroll the picturesque streets of Old Québec, breathe the fresh air aboard a sailboat on the St. Lawrence, admire a sunset from Dufferin Terrace, visit Montmorency Falls, or sample delicious seasonal products on Île d’Orléans.

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    A Healthy Lifestyle that Stays with You

    Le Monastère des Augustines
    Mention de source Le Monastère des Augustines

    Your wellness getaway at Le Monastère des Augustines is a perfect opportunity to get a fresh start. Bring what you’ve learned into your daily life. Practice mindfulness, embrace silence, set aside time for your breathing, relaxation, or meditation exercises, prepare balanced meals with fresh produce, and unplug your devices on a regular basis. Visit the monastery blog often for great tips and information on holistic health. And most importantly, listen to yourself and live life at your own pace!

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