Choose Québec City for your next mountain biking getaway. Enjoy a massive trail network within striking distance of a lively, exciting city. And after a great ride you can take your pick of a great range of other outdoor or urban activities.

Hundreds of kilometres of sheer cycling pleasure, with a huge choice of singletrack riding.  

Mountain Bike Trail Networks


Mountain Biking at Mont-Sainte-Anne | Credit:  Etienne Dionne
Credit: Etienne Dionne

Why ride the trails at Mont-Sainte-Anne?

  • Vast selection of cross-country and downhill trails, some with spectacular views of the St. Lawrence River
  • Fantastic facilities for the whole familyincluding a pump track, playground, and a fitness trail
  • Regular venue for international events such as the Mountain Bike World Cup
  • Plenty of great activities nearby: hiking, paragliding, Nordic spas, via ferrata, canyoning, and agro-tourism

Distance from downtown: 42 km (26 mi.)

Vallée Bras-du-Nord (Saint-Raymond Area)

Vallée Bras-du-Nord mountain biking | Credit:  Olivier Béart
Credit: Olivier Béart

Why ride the trails in Saint-Raymond?

  • Majestic vistas of surrounding fields and mountains
  • Short, rolling trails and other, more technical rides
  • On-site microbrewery to kick back after a great ride

Distance from downtown: 57 km (35 mi.)

Vallée Bras-du-Nord (Shannahan Area)

Vallée Bras-du-Nord Mountain Bike | Credit:  Étienne Dionne
Credit: Étienne Dionne

Why ride the trails at Shannahan?

  • A valley bottom with few steep uphills
  • A series of long,narrow, fast trails with magnificent riverside stretches
  • Plenty of gentle, rolling trails perfect for beginners
  • A great variety of onsite activities: canoeing, hiking, canyoning and Via Ferrata

Distance from downtown: 84 km (52 mi.)

Sentiers du Moulin

Mountain biking at Sentiers du Moulin | Credit:  Étienne Dionne
Credit: Étienne Dionne

Why ride the trails at Sentiers du Moulin?

  • Closest biking area to downtown, perfect for combining a ride with another activity
  • A network of fun, technically challenging trails
  • Several trails run along the side of the mountain

Distance from downtown: 25 km (16 mi.)

Empire 47

Mountain biking quebec city | Credit:  Étienne Dionne
Credit: Étienne Dionne

Why ride the trails at Empire 47?

  •  A networks of trails perfect for beginners with few steep uphills
  • Some technically challenging trails
  • On-site accommodation and recreational activities

Distance from downtown: 30 km (19 mi.)

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Fat Biking

Fat bike Quebec City | Credit:  Francis Gagnon
Credit: Francis Gagnon

Québec City is a winter capital, so it’s no surprise that biking in the snow is catching on fast on local trails. Special bikes with super wide wheels, known as “fat bikes", are the perfect ride for winter conditions, and a great way to stretch out the cycling season.


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