3 Motorcycle Rides from Québec City

Phillipe Caron
Philippe C.
Published on March 3, 2020
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Heading out on a motorcycle or Spyder or in a convertible? Vacationing in Québec City or visiting friends? Live in or around town? No matter what the situation, everyone has the same question: What are the best routes for motorcycling in Québec City and area? As motorcycle fan, here are 3 trips I highly recommend.

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    Route 371 – Les Équerres

    A sweet little two-hour ride

    Starting Point: Québec City
    Arrival Point: Québec City

    Highlights: The scenery, the Tewkesbury church, the Jacques-Cartier River, but especially, all the different curves on this gorgeous route!

    Head out north towards Stoneham or westwards towards Val-Bélair. Either way, it's a fantastic ride! With its series of technical curves, ascents, and descents, this short ride just outside Québec City is a favourite with motorcyclists. A word of caution: this route takes you through farmland, so the curves can be irregular (mind your apex!). As with all country routes, it’s normal to get some sand or dirt on the pavement. Just keep to the speed limits and stay alert and you’ll have a terrific ride. Take a break at the Tewkesbury church, where you’ll often find other motorcyclists, or stop over at the EXP Artisan Brasseur microbrewery for a local pint. Extend your ride by adding Shannon and Lac-Saint-Joseph to your route.

    Watch a video of the ride

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    Saint-Raymond – Rivière-à-Pierre

    A solid half day ride

    Starting Point: Québec City
    Stops: Shannon, Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, Saint-Raymond
    Arrival Point: Rivière-à-Pierre

    Highlights: The classic roadside snack bars that line the route, like Chez Marcotte in Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier and Chez Ti-Oui in Saint-Raymond; microbreweries Le Roquemont in Saint-Raymond and L’Esprit de clocher in Neuville; and especially, Route 367 between Rivière-à-Pierre and Montauban-les-Mines (shown in the video above).

    The perfect motorcycle route for every type of bike and every level of rider in a terrific natural setting. Motor sports are extremely popular in this area, so you’re sure to get a warm welcome and see plenty of bikes, Spyder, and convertibles. Extend your ride by going to La Mauricie National Park and head back along Highway 138 (Chemin du Roy) or Route 155 between Shawinigan and La Tuque.

    Watch a video of the ride 

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    Route 381 – Grands-Jardins National Park

    A road trip that takes one or two dayso days

    Starting Point: Québec City
    Stops: Beaupré – Baie-Saint-Paul –Grands-Jardins National Park
    Arrival Point: La Baie

    Highlights: We can’t say it enough: the scenery. The incredible views, the mountains, the recently paved roads (75% of the route!), and the endless curves.

    This route takes you through three regions—QuébecCharlevoix, and the Saguenay—and is a must for any self‑respecting rider. It’s a great ride to share with friends. They’ll thank you for it! Rider’s Tip: Keep an eye on your fuel. You won’t find any gas stations in Grands-Jardins National Park. Extend your ride by taking Route 170 past Saint-Siméon and La Malbaie on your return trip. 

Phillipe Caron
Philippe C.

Motorcyclist since 1996, Philippe has accumulated more than 80,000 km in North America on more than 10 different motorcycles over the years. He chooses his roads according to the configuration and coating of it, but also and especially, for the unavoidable stops to make on the way.

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