Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson's story begins on a military base in the Mojave Desert, where he was born into a family already marked by madness and passion. Despite this chaotic atmosphere, Patrick grew up with a philosophical and awestruck view of the world. From a young age, he discovered his passion for music, fueled by unique encounters and experiences, notably with a piano that seemed to be inhabited by the spirit of a former owner. Over the years, he carved out a musical path filled with chance meetings and inspiring collaborations, eventually becoming a key figure in the Montreal music scene.

At the heart of his artistic journey is a group of musicians who share his passion and vision. Together, they go through trials and moments of intense creation, from living in an abandoned church to memorable concerts opening for James Brown. Despite losses and changes, their music evolves, reflecting the deep emotions of each band member. Inspired by collaborations with legends like Leonard Cohen, Patrick Watson explores universal themes of loss, hope, and renewal through his art, offering his audience a rich and profound emotional experience.

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