So - Projet Gabriel – Hommage à Peter Gabriel & Martin Levac – Hommage à Phil Collins & Genesis

Festival de Musique Nostalgie Québec

SO – PROJECT GABRIEL offers audiences a unique opportunity to dive into the musical universe of Peter Gabriel. With constant attention to detail and the utmost respect for the work of the British singer, Marc Léveillé (The Musical Box, Turn It On Again) and five seasoned musicians invite you to a festive show, rich in rhythms and emotions, where world music, rock, and pop converge.

MARTIN LEVAC steps away from impersonation after 20 years as Phil Collins, presenting a new, more personal show. Surrounded by his trusted musicians from Dance Into The Light, he takes us through the soundtrack of his life, which is also ours… It's a true journey through time, from the beginnings of Genesis to the great popular hits of Phil Collins.

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