Québec City's Hottest Restaurants

Biceps BBQ
Biceps BBQ, André-Olivier Lyra

Québec’s City bistronomy scene is vibrant. It’s a cuisine where young chefs cook trendy and inventive food at an affordable price. Small bistros are popping up in unexpected neighbourhoods, revitalizing them at the same time. These places are so popular that reservations are mandatory. Here’s where you’ll need to plan ahead in order to indulge in Québec City’s brilliant bistronomy scene. 

  • 1 Battuto

    A Québécois approach to classic Italian dishes

    This miniature 22-seat restaurant is set in vibrant Saint-Roch and truly stands out from Québec’s current culinary landscape. Battuto’s minimalist design acts as a canvas for the menu’s bright Italian flavours that dominate every dish. A counter seat offers an inclusive experience where you are literally dining with the staff… Wait until you hear their stories! At Battuto, expect high quality food at reasonable prices served in entrée-like portions, perfect for sharing. Reservation obligatory and must be planned at least a month ahead of time. 

  • 2 Kraken Cru

    Pristine flavours of the sea

    Kraken Cru was recognized by Air Canada’s enRoute magazine as one of Canada’s best new restaurants in 2016. Located in Saint-Sauveur, a trendy neighbourhood, Kraken Cru is my favourite seafood experience in Québec. Reminiscent of Portland’s oyster bars, this minuscule eatery features pristine flavours of the sea. Expect a somewhat relaxed attitude from a friendly kitchen staff that often enjoy expressing its inner pirate, sound included. Kraken Cru takes no reservations. 

  • 3 L’Affaire est ketchup

    A modern approach to comfort food

    L’Affaire est ketchup is one of Québec’s most talked about casual dining experience. This friendly, unpretentious bistro takes on a modern approach to comfort food. Using only regular kitchen stoves as heating equipment, L’Affaire cooks up generously flavoured, rugged plates of food cooked in thick broths and savoury sauces. Reservations are mandatory, about one month ahead. 

  • 4 Chez Biceps BBQ

    Hearty southern-style barbecue

    Chez Biceps BBQ, comfort food is an understatement, for every serving comes with a generous side of southern soul. Their menu is filled with hearty, slow-cooked meats from open flame charcoal and penetrated with fumes into a tailored-to-the-chef’s-desire smokehouse. Sitting in the dining room, indulging in the smell of crispy fried chicken, surrounded by faded barn wood, one can easily imagine Chez Biceps BBQ is in Texas! The house’s spicy barbecue sauce is not to be missed, and mandatory on their fatty, delicious smoked beef brisket. It's best to book 5 weeks in advance on Friday and Saturday nights.

Allison Van Rassel
Allison Van Rassel

Journalist, columnist and blogger, Allison is passionate about Québec City’s culinary culture. Curious and aware of the latest culinary trends, Allison makes the region’s foodie culture shine bright.

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