10 Beautiful Backgrounds for your Next Virtual Meeting

Quebec City by night
Emmanuel Coveney

Here are 10 gorgeous spots in and around Québec City you’ll want to use as a background for video conferencing.

  • 1 Dufferin Terrace

    From the Dufferin Terrace, you’ll have a fantastic view of Château Frontenac, the Petit-Champlain District, and the St. Lawrence River. The terrace is set on the side of a hill, so you’ve got some great choices for angles.

    Download this image of Dufferin Terrace

  • 2 Place Royale

    As the site of North America’s first permanent settlement, Place Royale is lined with historical buildings, including the sublime Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church, built on the ruins of the city's founder's second dwelling.

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  • 3 Petit-Champlain District

    The neighbourhood's distinctive charm and architecture will shine through in your photos. Don't miss Rue du Petit-Champlain, dubbed Canada’s prettiest pedestrian street.

    Download this image of Petit-Champlain

  • 4 Québec City–Lévis Ferry

    As you cross the St. Lawrence River, you’ll have a magnificent unobstructed view of Old Québec dominated by the imposing Château Frontenac.

    Download this image of the ferry

  • 5 The Walls

    Use the stone walls of the fortifications and the different gates leading into the old town to create a frame or backdrop you won’t find anywhere else.

    Download this image of the walls


  • 6 Citadelle de Québec

    From the Citadelle atop Cap Diamant, you’ll have breathtaking views of Château Frontenac, the St. Lawrence River, and the surrounding mountains.

    Download this image of the Citadelle

  • 7 Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier

    Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier is home to one of the province’s most gorgeous glacial valleys. The beauty of the scenery, the steep cliffs, and the river running through this awe‑inspiring park will leave you breathless.

    Download this image of parc national de la Jacques-Cartier

  • 8 Montmorency Falls

    This majestic natural attraction offers a multitude of possibilities for playing with the effects of light on mist. The falls are particularly impressive in the spring.

    Download this image of the Montmorency Falls

  • 9 Île d’Orléans

    As one of North America’s oldest agricultural areas, the island’s architectural heritage, bucolic landscapes, and stunning views of the surrounding region will have you in thrall.

    Download this image of Île d'Orléans

  • 10 Canyon Sainte-Anne

    With its powerful river and dizzying heights, this canyon is another natural attraction you won’t want to miss. See if you can capture this force of nature as it rolls swiftly along the base of the canyon’s towering cliffs.

    Download this image of Canyon Sainte-Anne

Québec cité
Editorial Team

As proud ambassadors of our beloved city, we’re delighted to be sharing the things and places we love most in the Québec City area. What a joy for us to help you discover everything this vibrant and welcoming city has to offer!

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