Madame Chose


The bubbly, exuberant Madame Chose is a charming old lady. She’s also a true foodie who makes sure to enjoy all of life’s little pleasures. She’s only happy when the people around her are happy. Every day, Madame Chose opens her home to the people she loves and their friends. She invites everyone to take over her backyard each day to experience her unique way of celebrating life.

Monday: 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 9pm
Tuesday: 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 9pm
Wednesday: 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 9pm
Thursday: 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 10pm
Friday: 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 10pm
Saturday: 9am - 2pm, 5pm - 10pm
Sunday: 9am - 2pm, 5pm - 9pm

Electric Vehicle Charging Station:

Free Outdoor on Site

Average Price per Person: Between $25 and $50
Business Type: Patio, Kids friendly
Capacity: 170
Meals Type: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Type of Cuisine by Countries: International
Type of Cuisine by Specialities: Seafood and Fish, Vegetarian / Vegan

5401, boulevard des Galeries
Local FM28-B
Québec, QC,
G2K 1N4
Madame Chose

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