Spectacular Via Ferrata and Zipline Adventures

A group of people do the winter Via Ferrata activity at Canyon Sainte-Anne.
Canyon Sainte-Anne

What do a via ferrata and a zipline have in common? Both take you over bodies of water and through beautiful natural environments on steel cables. And both will give you a big rush! Find the best spots to try a via ferrata or go whizzing into the void on a zipline.

Montmorency Falls Park

Imagine scaling a rock face that looks out over a waterfall higher than Niagara! With the continuous‑cable via ferrata at Montmorency Falls Park, you won’t even have to unhook your carabiner, so you can marvel uninterrupted at the incredible power of the rushing water. There are multiple routes, including one that takes you right up close to the falls. Extreme! There’s also a double zipline that runs so close to the falls you’ll feel the mist, not to mention the thrill of the adrenaline rush!

Canyon Sainte-Anne

Scale the cliffs at Canyon Sainte‑Anne Park for a great topdown view of the potholes that spring floods have created at the base of the waterfalls. There are numerous via ferrata routes running along continuous cables that will take you right up close. You can also go rappelling down a rock face, walk along steel‑cable bridges and wooden traverses, and go whizzing across the river on a zipline. When the temperature drops and the canyon’s covered in ice, take the spectacular winter via ferrata (not available in winter 2021). If you want to cross the gorge from above without the physical strain, take the Air Canyon, a bucket‑seat zipline for two. Kids can ride too, as long as they’re at least 4 years old.

Vallée Bras-du-Nord

This huge park has via ferrata routes that take you from pitch to pitch all the way to a majestic waterfall, with stunning views of the winding river and surrounding mountains and cliffs all around. There’s a via ferrata and zipline combo perfect for families with children 11 years or older. If you want to pack even more action into the adventure, other packages include rappelling.

Ziplines near Québec’s City Centre

Just 15 minutes from Québec’s city centre, Sarbayä has 7 different zipline courses, including 4 that run across the beautiful Saint Charles River. You have to climb up to a platform to reach these ziplines, so you’ll need to be fairly confident about your level of physical fitness to take these trips across the void. If you’re a big fan of ziplines, know that most treetop adventure centres have at least a few.

What Do Via Ferrata and Zipline Mean

A via ferrata is a cross between hiking and rock climbing. You’re attached to a steel cable and move along a rock face that has metal rungs for steps. This gives you a whole different perspective on the cliff and the surrounding landscape. It’s perfectly safe, and you’ll have a guide to show you the way and point out all the wonderful sights.

Anyone can use a via ferrata. You don’t need any technical abilities or rock‑climbing experience. As for ziplines, they’re often part of via ferrata and treetop adventure courses. You hook onto a long steel cable and go zipping across a river or through a forest, your feet dangling in the void.

The Best Time for a Via Ferrata

If you’re the adventurous type, the winter via ferrata at Canyon Sainte‑Anne Park is an experience you won’t want to miss. Otherwise, this type of activity is best enjoyed in warmer weather, generally from mid‑May to the end of October. Fall colours add an extra layer of gorgeous to the experience, while rushing rivers during the spring melt-off are simply spectacular. Hanging from a steel cable, the noise and power of the falls at Canyon Sainte‑Anne Park and Montmorency Falls Park will bring you into contact with the sheer force of mother nature.

What to Wear and Equipment Required

The important thing when you do a via ferrata is to wear comfortable clothes that don’t restrict your movements. A pair of sneakers or waterproof shoes, closed or fitted clothes, and gloves are all you need. And of course, you’ll need a bit of courage and a bottle of water to quench your thirst for adventure!

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