The Québec City Ferry

Group of friends aboard the Québec-Lévis ferry, admiring Old Québec in summer.
Jeff Frenette Photography

At just under a kilometre, the Québec‑Lévis crossing connects the north and south shores of the St. Lawrence River. Hundreds of people take the ferry between Québec City and Lévis every day. But it’s not just a means of transportation! The Québec–Lévis crossing makes for a fun, affordable, and accessible activity.

A Breathtaking View of Québec City in Every Season

One of the best things about the Québec–Lévis crossing is the view. By day, you can take in Old Québec’s varied architectural landscape, with Château Frontenac perched like a crown jewel on the heights of Cap Diamant. At night, you’ll be dazzled by the city lights as they bounce off the waves.

Every season, the crossing has something new to offer. In the summer, you can cool down in the soft breeze. In the fall, you’ll get to admire the gorgeous colours in the trees and the spectacular cruise ships docked in the harbour. In the winter, you’ll be serenaded by the strange sound of giant ice blocks colliding on the frozen St. Lawrence River.

Take a Car, Take a Bike or Go on Foot

Located near Musée de la civilisation and the Petit-Champlain District, the Québec–Lévis ferry is conveniently located and easy to get to, no matter what your mode of transportation. You can even leave your car in one of the nearby public parking lots and take the ferry on foot, if you like. If you go by car, you can take a one‑way ticket and come back to Québec City via the Pierre Laporte Bridge and Boulevard Champlain, which will reward you with some gorgeous views of the river.

ecoOn foot, take some time to relax on the Lévis side at Quai Paquet, an urban park with exceptional views of Québec City. If you bring your bike, try exploring the bike paths that run along both shores (Parcours des Anses in Lévis and Corridor du Littoral in Québec City), a 30 km (18.5 miles) circle route that takes you back to Québec City via the bridges.

Schedules and Fares for the Québec–Lévis Ferry

The Québec–Lévis crossing takes 12 minutes, which gives you plenty of time to pull out that camera and capture the very best view of the city. The frequency of sailings depends on the time of day (there are more during rush hour and less in between).

Find out more about schedules and fares for the Québec-Lévis ferry


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