Paperholic : Obsession Papier

Moving away from the conventional perception of paper as merely a medium, this exhibition offers a bold exploration of its infinite possibilities. Through their works, artists transcend the boundaries of creativity by cutting, folding, tearing, sculpting, weaving, and creating illusions with this versatile medium.

Spanning two floors of the Villa Bagatelle, visitors are immersed in a world where sculptural and wall works meet site-specific installations, where geometric abstraction meets organic nature. Each creation reveals a unique interpretation of paper, a material that is at once malleable, fragile, and alive.

Paperholic: Paper Obsession also highlights the passionate enthusiasm of the 15 artists for paper. In the absence of specialized programs, these self-taught creators innovate, driven by a devouring passion, bordering on obsession, for this medium. Their works touch on a multitude of subjects, themes, and techniques, ranging from the recovery and accumulation of material, to the creation of textures and color play, to the transformation of this material.

In addition to offering an artistic odyssey full of color and texture, the exhibition allows for the discovery of the extraordinary potential of paper in a new light.

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