Timothy Goodman in the Heart of Québec City

Timothy slides the toboggan run on the Dufferin Terrace

It takes only one moment. One unforgettable instant to become captivated with a destination. And that is exactly what happened to Timothy Goodman, a NYC-based designer, illustrator muralist and author who fell for Québec City’s European charm, hospitality and joie de vivre. Here, he embarked on a cultural, historical and gastronomical adventure that stoked his imagination. If you are looking to be inspired for your next trip, this is your epic starting point.

Timothy is standing in front of the Château Frontenac
A Getaway that Truly Takes You Away

Whether you’re a history buff, culture aficionado or die-hard foodie, Québec City is sure to awaken and enliven your senses.

Timothy explores Québec City
  • Timothy drinks a craft beer at the microbrewery Griendel
    A Foodie’s Perspective and Gourmet Paradise

    Québec City is a foodie's heaven. Be amazed by the bountiful dining and entertainment options that enraptured all of your senses.

    Timothy visits the Hôtel de Glace
    A Totally French Canadian Cultural Experience

    In Québec City, be thrilled to be not only immersed in charming French culture but also surrounded by an ever-evolving artistic legacy.

  • Timothy slides the toboggan run on the Dufferin Terrace
    Epic Historical Stories

    Uncover the fascinating bygone eras of Old Québec, a living history book of how French, English and First Nations ancestry shaped north America.

    Timothy eats French toast at the restaurant La Bûche
    Timothy’s Top Québec City Delicacies

    While Québec City offers a smorgasbord of delicious foodie finds, here are Timothy's top two picks that forever changed his taste buds.

  • St. Pierre Street with a view on the Château Frontenac
    Timothy’s Exotic Adventure

    Explore Québec City's fascinating architectural backdrop that pays tribute to its past and present.

    Timothy is doing an Instagram story on Saint-Louis Street
    Instagram Inspirations

    With its picturesque, post-card-perfect scenery, Québec City will spark your social media imagination.

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