13 Murals to See in Québec City

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Updated on July 11, 2023
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Québec’s murals transform the city into an open-air museum. With their bold colours and varied techniques, these giant works of art are truly mesmerizing. Let’s take a look!

  • 1

    Fresque des Québécois, 1999

    Artists: CitéCréation with the participation of Hélène Fleury, Marie-Chantal Lachance and Pierre Laforest

    Location: 29 Rue Notre-Dame

    Description: Visitors to Old Québec's Place-Royale can't miss the immense Fresque des Québécois on Côte de la Montagne. This mural recounts the story of Québec City, weaving in visual allusions to its unique architecture and fortifications, and its larger-than-life personalities. Look closely at the building's windows: you'll see some 15 historic figures and nearly a dozen of Québec's leading writers and artists. It's truly a breathtaking work!

  • 2

    Fresque du Petit-Champlain, 2001

    Artists:  Murale Création

    Location: 102 Rue du Petit-Champlain

    Description: Further along, at the foot of Escalier Casse-Cou (Breakneck Steps) and along one of the oldest streets in North America, is Fresque du Petit-Champlain. It depicts milestones in the history of Cap-Blanc, Québec City's working-class waterfront neighbourhood, from the beginnings of New France until the present day.

  • 3

    Centennial Mural of the Naval Reserve of Canada

    Artist : Paul Abraham

    LocationMusée naval de Québec

    Description : As part of the Naval Reserve of Canada 100th anniversary, the Naval Museum has commissioned a huge historical mural. The title of the mural is Audace, and at nearly 200 metres long and 2 stories high, it’s one of the largest of its kind in Canada!

  • 4

    Fresque BMO de la capitale nationale du Québec, 2008

    Artists: Murale Création

    Location: 1037 Rue de la Chevrotière

    Description: A stone's throw from Parliament Hill on Rue De La Chevrotière, one wall of Édifice Marie-Guyart shows off Fresque BMO de la capitale nationale du Québec, which commemorates Québec City's 400 years of rich political history. It depicts the façade of Québec's Parliament Building and various individuals who—each in his or her own way—left their mark on the province's political development.

  • 5

    Racines (Roots), 1995

    Artist: Lucienne Cornet 

    Location:  541 Rue Saint-Vallier Est 

    Description: The staircase connecting Côte d’Abraham to Saint-Roch offers a window into a strange, underground world strewn with roots and fossils. On a cement wall, raised forms twist and turn in patterns reminiscent of Medusa’s hair—a subtle nod to the nearby artist co-op of the same name.

  • 6

    Ascension, 2020

    Artist: Easy Brad 

    Location: 336 Rue du Pont 

    Description: Standing at the boundary between Saint-Roch and Old Limoilou, this mural depicts two heads (representing the two neighbourhoods) playing a game of snakes and ladders. Their stares aren’t really about rivalry, but about paying close attention to the game—a metaphor for the city’s growth and change.

  • 7

    Québec City: An Inspiring Destination, 2022

    Artists: Korb and Axe   

    Location: Corner of Rue Caron & Rue du Prince-Édouard 

    Description: Two muralists met with locals to hear their stories and discover their city. They created a mural out of their experience and the result is pretty dreamy!

  • 8

    Untitled (inspired by Hitchcock), 2016

    Artists: Martin Bureau (conception) and Marie-Fauve Bélanger (execution) 

    Location: 100 Rue Arago Est 

    Description: Here we see the Château Frontenac in ruins, with a colour gradient reminiscent of flames. The angle is the same used by Hitchcock in his 1953 movie, I Confess, which was filmed in Québec City. Crows in the sky add to the apocalyptic mood, a nod to the filmmaker’s 1963 classic, The Birds.

  • 9

    Arbre-Phénix (The Phoenix Tree), 2018

    Artist: Dan Brault 

    Location: 300 Rue Raoul-Jobin 

    Description: In an enchanted world without rules, a whimsical mix of characters, objects, and graphic elements are assembled around an injured tree. They bring an aura of playful magic to the scene, witnessing the fallen tree and willing it to reappear above in the shape of a young conifer.

  • 10

    Derrière le petit, le grand (Behind the Small, the Tall), 2021

    Artists: Pierre&Marie 

    Location: 284 Rue Durocher 

    Description: In this collage-style mural, a group of animals and objects seem to pop up from below. The artists have used a combination of processes and techniques from the worlds of painting and photography to create a colourful world with a festive, impromptu air. 

  • 11

    Ensemble (Together), 2021

    Artist: Patrick Forchild 

    Location: 680 Rue Raoul-Jobin 

    DescriptionThis moving mural illustrates the ties forged between city employees and residents during the pandemic, evoking a sense of solidarity and caring in a delicately realistic style. The central figure wears symbols of gratitude and gazes out towards the horizon in an expression of hope.

  • 12

    Ensemble (Together), 2022

    Artist: Ilana Pichon 

    Location: 125 Rue Oscar-Drouin and 375 Rue Kirouac 

    Description: This joyful, colourful mural was created in collaboration with 50 elementary school students from Saint-Sauveur. After exploring the neighbourhood’s architectural features, the students were invited to draw them in their own lighthearted way. The artist turned those drawings into a mural that captures the students’ spontaneity.

  • 13

    Panorama Charlie, 2023

    Artist: MC Grou 

    Location: Bicycle path on the Saint-Charles River, under the Laurentian Highway bridge

    Description: Striking and inviting, this mural turns a concrete jungle into an urban oasis full of plants in animals in bright oranges and greens. Viewers get a different reading depending on the speed at which they drive or walk by. A closer look reveals intriguing characters such as the American eel, which recently made a comeback in the nearby Saint Charles River.

  • 14

    L’oiseau (The Bird), 2021

    Artist: Dom Laporte 

    Location: 344 Chemin de la Canardière 

    Description: Studies show that art and nature are good for our health. This mural combines the two, turning an ordinary wall into an inspiring, regenerative space. In it, a Western meadowlark soars amid fragrant herbs and bright sunshine. The work radiates life, brightening up the neighbourhood in a scene soothing to the eye and the soul.  

Équipe édito
Editorial Team

As proud ambassadors of our beloved city, we’re delighted to be sharing the things and places we love most in the Québec City area. What a joy for us to help you discover everything this vibrant and welcoming city has to offer!

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