Wendake International Pow Wow

Upcoming dates TBA

Bringing together 11 Indigenous nations and more than 200 dancers, this ancestral tradition is a cultural affirmation and embodies solidarity among First Nations peoples.

This year, place for the enhancement of culture and ancestral traditions with culinary workshops, demonstrations (beading technique, lacing of traditional snowshoes, etc.), exhibitions (Les pinceaux d’Or) and conferences (RegaliaLes femmes et les trois sœurs, etc.). Visitors will also be able to encourage young people from the Wendake Youth Center by buying them sagamité (traditional corn soup) and bannock (ancestral bread). More than 40 craftsmen will also be present, installed along the Akiawenrahk' River (Saint-Charles), a cross-country tournament will be held at the Coliseum in Loretteville and a Youth Space will be set up to keep the little ones busy.

Information about the event:
Phone: 418-847-1835
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