Hommage aux pays nordiques

Orchestre symphonique de Québec

The invitation to journey continues under the baton of the young Polish conductor Anna Sułkowska-Migoń, in collaboration with the Korean pianist Joyce Yang. First, heading to Italy with the opening of La Forza del Destino, the grand opera commissioned by Verdi from Tsar Alexander II of Russia. Its famous initial theme announces passionate love, which is also the central theme of Grieg's Piano Concerto. The 25-year-old composer was then paying tribute to the feelings he had for his young wife and their newborn daughter. His music reflects the inspiration he drew from his long walks in the Norwegian countryside. At the same latitude, it’s in Scotland that Mendelssohn invites us in his Third Symphony, inspired by the landscapes of the Highlands and the northern mists.

From 7 p.m., attend the preludes with Clemens Schuldt or Benjamin René. It is an opportunity to delve deeper into the creative process and to cast an enlightened perspective on the historical context in which the works were composed.

Anna Sułkowska-Migoń, conductor Joyce Yang, piano

Verdi, La Forza del Destino, overture

Grieg, Piano Concerto

Mendelssohn, Symphony No. 3 "Scottish"

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