A 360-degree immersive experience, 12 performers projected on a human scale, interwoven sound recording: the Choir installation is an invitation to plunge into dance, to hear it, to experience it from within.

Choir plunges the spectator into the centre of the dance. Surrounded by a 360-degree screen, the public observes the 12 dancers stream, like a circular wave. The sound layers are interwoven to magnify reality: footsteps, breathing and music, everything places visitors in the very heart of the work, in the intimacy of the performance. The amplified sounds, combined with the life-size performers, create a hypnotic state as the dance ritual unfolds. This contemporary ceremonial, ranging from contemplation to exaltation, envelops the mesmerized audience.

The immersive experience, which abolishes distance and time, allows us to see dance differently, to seize its slightest jolt. The trance effect emanating from this sequence of uninterrupted movements influences the audience, who are in turn captivated by this unique pagan rite.

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Phone: 418-692-0330
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