Visit Request - Journalists and Content Creators

We’re thrilled that you’d like to visit the Québec City area. Every year, our team of dedicated professionals works closely with journalists on assignment, major content creators, and travel professionals to help organize personalized tours. Our welcome programs are a great way to experience Québec City’s vibrant and distinctive culture and get travel advice tailored to your interests. 

Self-directed FAM Tours

Qualified visitors can get our new Privilege Card giving access to attractions all around Québec City area. You will only need a mobile device and an internet connection to use the card during your stay in Québec City.

Assisted FAM Tours

Depending on your projet, Destination Québec cité can offer a personalized assistance. In order to be able to offer you host services, we first need to evaluate the visibility your visit is likely to generate for the Québec City area. 

How to get services from your team?

Because Destination Québec Cité hosts so many special visitors, we can’t offer everyone personalized assistance. Please review the selection criteria below and send us a request if you believe your intended visit meets our criteria. Please note that we require at least four weeks’ notice to put together a welcome tour. 

Media Request 

Content Creator Request 

Selection Criteria 

Target Clienteles 

  • Primary markets: Canada, United States, French-speaking Europe 
  • Secondary markets: Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, and Japan  

Types of Experiences Favoured 
We prioritize experiences that promote Québec culture, food, festivals and events, history and heritage, and Indigenous culture  

We also prioritize experiences that target more niche clienteles, particularly international cruises, skiing, snowmobiling, mountain biking, bike touring, religious tourism, and luxury products. 

Content Quality 
We pay special attention to the quality of the copy, photos, and videos previously produced by visitors requesting hosting and the media outlets they represent. 

Project Scope  
Before agreeing to host you, Destination Québec Cité needs to be able to estimate the total reach of the visibility provided, i.e., the total number of people who will be exposed to the content produced as part of the visit: number of page views for an article, total number of impressions on social media, engagement rate, magazine readership, audience size for an episode, etc. 

As a general rule, you need a minimum reach of 200,000 people to be eligible for a hosted welcome tour. However, if your project is likely reach at least 30,000 people, one of our travel professionals may contact you to see if we could offer hosting services.