Québec City: An Enchanting Must-See Destination Despite the Pandemic

Press Release

Quebec, January 22, 2021 - While the tourism industry is still slow because of the pandemic, Québec City Tourism has this message for visitors from outside the region: Although we have had to keep our distance over the last year and will need to continue to do so for the next few months, you have been in our thoughts. We miss you, and we hope to see you in 2021 to show you that our city is just as beautiful and welcoming as ever! We will meet again soon. 

To that end, Québec City Tourism is launching several Visit Us Later videos aimed at our target audience, tributes to our destination that showcase the beauty, romance and wonder of the Québec City region.  

It is in that spirit that several of our city’s leading organizations have decided to get creative and offer their events and activities in a different format this year. Just look at the Toboggan festival—its virtual event, Tobbogan - The Elements, transports viewers to some of Québec City’s most beautiful outdoor settings for mini-concerts by a variety of talented artists, which are accessible for free for the next year. Listen to the musical stylings of ApasheZach ZoyaMarie-Mai and Felix Cartal

The famous Quebec Winter Carnival will take place from February 5 to 14, 2021, in various neighbourhoods around the city, but will also offer carnival-goers the option of enjoying the event from the comfort of their own homes with fun virtual programming on their brand new YouTube channel.  

The only ice hotel in North America always offers the public a breathtaking winter experience with its grand hall, chapel, 21 themed rooms and suites, big slide and ice bar, but there’s no need to put on your wool socks and mittens to explore it this year! A 3D tour of the 2020 anniversary edition is available online, giving you the opportunity to visit the famous winter attraction and appreciate the remarkable architectural details it is famous for.  

You can also enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Québec City in real time from the top of the Observatoire de la Capitale, 221 metres up.  

The Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (MNBAQ) is offering viewers the opportunity to immerse themselves in its major exhibition, “350 Years of Art Practice in Québec,” currently displayed in several rooms in the Gérard Morisset pavilion. A series of podcasts recounts the stories behind some of these works of art, which range from the beginnings of our history to the great artistic trends that have characterized Quebec. The Musée de la civilisation is providing virtual access to its exhibition, People of Québec... Then and Now (in French only), which traces points through history to anchor our understanding of modern-day Quebec. It chronicles the first peoples living in Quebec, contact between Europeans and the Indigenous population, and life in New-France and under British rule. It documents the arrival of successive waves of immigrants and illustrates the transition from rural life to urbanization.  

Finally, the Ville de Québec has put together a host of comforting activities residents can access for free to help them face these winter days with a smile. Available until March, these activities will provide residents with precious moments with family, opportunities to exercise and enjoy winter, and ways to have fun at home (in French only). 

The Québec City region wants to emphasize that great vacations are still possible even though international travel is not currently an option. This is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Québec City and enjoy winter—safely. The New York Times has urged readers to travel virtually to our beautiful destination, so take its advice and experience all Québec City has to offer from the comfort of your home!  

Québec City is the ultimate winter destination. Cloaked in white, the region is truly magical. Eager to find out more? Check out our website, quebec-cite.com, and some of the characteristics that set us apart: 

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