Enjoy the World’s Biggest Winter Bash

Bonhomme Carnaval poses proudly on the snow-covered Dufferin terrace, in front of the Château Frontenac.
Francis Gagnon

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Now in its 66th year, the Québec Winter Carnival is getting ready to ring in a whole new era. Bonhomme Carnaval may be a bit long in the tuque, but this snowman is just getting started. Join him at a world‑class winter party February 7-16, 2020.

A Local Tradition

Carnaval de Québec
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The Québec Winter Carnival is a bundle of French Canadian winter traditions all wrapped into one. If you want the full experience, dive into the crowd and mingle with the locals. Blow those Carnival horns, tie on an arrowhead sash, and have a glass or two of caribou, the Carnival tradition that will keep your cheeks rosy and your eyes bright.

Winter Parades Like You’ve Never Seen

Défilé du Carnaval
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Experience the magic of the Carnival at the Saturday night winter parades (February 8 and 15), which are getting a big makeover this year. Come and see the thicket of floats and performers as they make their way down Grande Allée. Combining technology, pyrotechnics, and circus arts, the parades will be wonders to behold. The Carnival highlights will warm your heart and have you dancing in the streets!

A Thrilling Sports Event

Course canot à glace
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Like extreme sports? The ice canoe race taking place on February 9,  is a signature Carnival event that will have you on edge from start to finish. Inspired by a practice adopted by Québec’s early colonists way back in the days of New France, this competition is an all‑out battle between man and nature. Watch the teams of paddlers as they set out on the St. Lawrence River, surging over ice packs, battling currents, and braving the icy depths. You’ll be blown away by their technical ability and sheer strength.

A 10‑Day Non‑Stop Party

Ice Palace
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The Québec Winter Carnival is a time for having fun. There’s a lot to see and do, so pull on your boots and tuques and get out there! Visit the majestic Loto-Québec’s Ice Palace which will feature Pixel, an immersive experience that engages you in the joy of gaming, then next stop is Videotron’s logging camp, Camp à Jos, where it’s all about the friends and the festive vibe. Go for a bite and a pint and stay for a “swing your partner.” Try your hand at the logging games and make a few friends while you’re at it!

Local Tip: Dress for Success

As the name implies, the Québec Winter Carnival takes place in the dead of winter. Dress warmly so you can stay out all night and take in all the sights. You’ll need to be bundled up if you want to party with Bonhomme!

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