Responsible Road Trips in Eastern Québec

Vue sur Québec et le fleuve à partir de la terrasse Pierre Dugua-de-Mons
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Set an eastward course on your next trip to Québec and watch the stars align for a fabulous experience. Head out from Québec City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to explore the North and South Shores of the St. Lawrence River on itineraries designed to be as responsible as memorable. Discover the unique personality, fascinating history, and natural beauty of each region with a wide range of eco-friendly businesses.

The establishments recommended in these itineraries make the effort to buy locally, reduce their environmental footprint, and do more to benefit their local communities. It’s a first step towards a more sustainable travel experience aimed at preserving what’s there for future generations.

Discover Eastern Québec

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On your next trip to Québec, set an eastward course and enjoy a fabulous experience!

Where is Eastern Québec?

Suggested Responsible Itineraries

Three-Week Loop of Eastern Québec

As immense and intense as the province itself, this 3-week road trip covers about 1,800 km on both sides of the St. Lawrence, starting from spectacular Québec City. The rich heritage of the province’s capital is the first stage of a trip that will have you rolling in the rustic charm and rugged beauty of Charlevoix, standing in awe at the immensity of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and its epic fjord, watching whales on the North Shore, and winding your way through the trees of Québec’s boreal forest.

Crossing over to the South Shore, you’ll be greeted by the beaches, forests and maritime culture of Gaspésie, then on to the sweet lull of the Bas-Saint-Laurent and its fascinating seafaring past. The Chaudière-Appalaches region forms the final chapter of this grand loop where nature, culture, and history rise to meet you at every turn, enhanced by your choice of authentic experiences and eco-friendly providers.

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North Shore of the St. Lawrence River: Québec City to Minganie

Québec City, that treasure trove of history and heritage, is the point of departure for this larger-than-life road trip along the North Shore of the St. Lawrence Estuary and Gulf. You’ll cover 2,400 km in 8 stages over 2 weeks, travelling through 3 of Québec’s biggest regions.

Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean offers the chance to see an awe-inspiring fjord and a true inland sea. The vast Côte-Nord and its Whale Route are an endless succession of breathtaking coastal views and fascinating islands crying out to be explored. Your trip winds up with the hills and valleys, beaches and mountains, and bountiful countryside of Charlevoix.

The national parks in these regions are some of the most spectacular in the province, with wilderness as far as the eye can see and an extensive selection of sustainable suppliers to help you make the most of your experience.

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South Shore of the St. Lawrence: Québec City to the Gaspésie Peninsula

You’ll need 2 weeks to complete this 1,700 km road trip. Explore the amazing outdoors and fascinating heritage of the St. Lawrence River’s South Shore, with 8 stops hand-picked for their fabulous attractions.

After a stretch on the historic Chemin du Roy (King’s Road) and a stop-off in Old Québec, set sail for Grosse-Île for a moving chapter of the province’s history. Along the St. Lawrence or inland, the Chaudière-Appalaches Region has many more surprises in store for travellers looking for unique, sustainable experiences.

Further along, the national parks of the Bas-Saint-Laurent and the Gaspésie Peninsula are wonderlands stretching out from the mountains to the sea, with tons of great places to stop for a bit of culture and fine living. You’ll then say goodbye to the South Shore, crossing the great river for a stunning conclusion in the World Heritage Site of Old Québec City.

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What to Do in Eastern Québec?

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