Privacy and Information Security Policy

1. Policy Objective

This policy demonstrates Québec City Tourism’s commitment to information security and the protection of personal and confidential information.

Québec City Tourism (hereinafter QCT) is both a regional tourist association and a department of the City of Québec, a public organization subject to the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information (CQLR, Section A-2.1), and the Act to establish a legal framework for information technology (CQLR, Section C-1.1).

Regarding personal or private information as well as collection, use, disclosure, retention and access standards, QCT adheres to the City of Québec Privacy and Information Security Policy.

2. Policy Guidelines

2.1 Protection of personal and confidential information

QCT, which considers it paramount to protect privacy and the personal and confidential information that it collects and retains, is committed to compliance with the provisions, values, and fundamental principles established by applicable legislation. It ensures implementation of the measures necessary to guarantee transparency and respect for the confidentiality of the information provided to it when services are requested.

2.2 Information security

QCT undertakes to implement a set of technological, organizational, human, legal, and ethical measures to ensure the security of information, notably:

  • Information availability, where information is accessible in a timely manner, as required by authorized individuals
  • Information integrity, where information is not destroyed or altered in any way without authorization, in accordance with QCT’s retention schedule, and the medium bearing such information provides the desired stability and durability
  • Information confidentiality, where disclosure is limited only to authorized individuals
  • Identification and authentication to confirm, when required, the identity of an individual or the identification of a document or device
  • Irrevocability to ensure that an action, exchange, or document is clearly and undeniably attributed to the entity that generated it
  • Compliance with legal, regulatory, and business requirements to which QCT is subject

3. Definitions

3.1 Personal information

Any information that involves an individual and can identify them, subject to any exceptions provided by applicable laws. Such information may be of a personal nature, such as the individual’s address, phone number, health status, lifestyle, or financial situation.


3.2 Confidential information

Any information that involves a building or corporate body and relates to information that its author or owner deems confidential due to its financial, commercial, or strategic nature, unless laws applicable to the public sector provide, by way of exception, that such information held by QCT is public.

3.3 Information security

Protection resulting from all security measures that are implemented to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information that QCT holds based on the sensitivity and value of such information, the risks to which it is exposed, and the obligations to which it is subject.

4.4. Information about Google Analytics

Cookie data is sent to Google to produce reports, analyze site use, and improve visitors’ online experience. This site uses a number of Google Analytics functions through specific cookies that let QCT match statistics for visits to this site with other data in its possession. Google Analytics use includes the following functions: remarketing, creation of reports on Display Network impressions, reports and statistics on demographic data and interests, and tracking using DoubleClick cookies. These functions authorize Google Analytics to gather data through Google advertising cookies and anonymous identifiers. You can deactivate these functions by visiting this site or by downloading this extension.

4.5. Information about social media and advertising network information

QCT shares information on its site use with certain partners, social media companies, and advertising networks that can combine it with other information you have provided or they have collected during your use of their services to offer targeted ads based on your interests (remarketing) and specific information (e.g., gender, age group, general interests).

4.6. Purpose of collecting information

When QCT collects and retains personal and confidential information, its objective is to offer users secure, personalized service in accordance with applicable laws and the City of Québec’s security rules. QCT uses the personal, confidential, or technical information that it collects for the following purposes:

  • Verify the identity of users
  • Ensure that users and QCT are protected against fraud
  • Produce statistics
  • Improve available services
  • Target advertising based on your interests
  • Promote and advertise the Québec City region all over the world and customize the website
  • Conduct studies and research on the tourism industry and verify the effectiveness of marketing strategies
  • Contact winners of contests and draws
  • Send electronic newsletters, as well as guides and brochures by regular mail
  • Announce events and send invitations

5. Information Security

QCT uses information technology extensively to support its business processes in order to offer service delivery consistent with its service statement. All personal and confidential information collected is retained in a secure environment in accordance with the City of Québec’s policy. QCT staff and agents are required to respect the confidentiality of information.  QCT implements appropriate, useful, and necessary security and access management measures based on the sensitivity of the information handled. Only individuals who require access to information to perform their duties can access this information. QCT integrates technological innovations to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of transactions and information in its various modes of service delivery.

6. Responsibility of Users

Users are responsible for the information that they provide to QCT and for maintaining the confidentiality of their identification and authentication information (e.g., user codes, access codes, passwords, access cards). QCT cannot be held liable for unauthorized use caused by users.

Users must also ensure that the system or equipment they use to transmit or receive information from QCT is sufficiently secure, and must exercise vigilance. QCT may not be held liable for unauthorized access to information resulting from negligence or vulnerabilities present in the equipment or systems of users.

7. Incident Reports

QCT undertakes to inform users of incidents that affect the protection of personal information.

Additional information

If you have questions, comments or complaints about compliance with this policy, please contact us.

Updated: 2019/07/25