You may know them for their cookbooks, cooking shows, or through gourmet food guides such as CAA/AAA, Debeur, Petit Futé, and Restos Voir.

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Chef-owner of L’Initiale

Yvan Lebrun

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Home town: Cancale, Bretagne, France

Restaurant description: L’Initiale was founded in 1998 in a centuries-old former bank building in Old Québec remarkable for its stunning architecture. High ceilings, columns, cornices, and ornate mouldings take pride of place under meticulously placed lighting. It’s a place to sit back, relax, and indulge!

Awards and distinctions: Grand Chef Relais & Châteaux (2006) and Knight of the Ordre National du Mérite Agricole (Consulate General of France, 2012). The restaurant has a Five Diamond rating in the CAA/AAA guide.

Specialty: Fine contemporary cuisine

How he describes himself: Always seeking ways to surprise diners

Favourite local producers and artisans: Turlo farm, Des Monts farm, Veau de Charlevoix

Secret ingredient: Wild pepper

Favourite local pastime: Kayaking

Must-try when visiting Québec City: Maple products at local sugar shacks

Chefs of Laurie Raphaël

Daniel & Raphaël Vézina

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Home town: Daniel was born in Montréal and Raphaël was born in Québec City

Restaurant description: Locavore dining in a contemporary setting. Laurie Raphaël takes a creative approach to its dishes, constantly reinventing them to offer a gourmet experience for the senses. The menu boasts Québec roots with unique global flavour—all with a generous helping of simplicity and respect for the ingredients used. The restaurant also offers cooking workshops and a boutique.

Awards and distinctions: With its world of engaging and daring gastronomy, and its creative cuisine highlighting the seasons and Québec’s local products, the Laurie Raphael has confirmed its position as a major establishment of fine dining – Québécois style!
Raphael Vézina is Ambassador of Côtes de Bordeaux since 2012 and graduate of Lycée Hôtelier Paul-Augier in Nice as Senior Cooking Technician.

Specialty: Cooking with local ingredients

How they describe themselves:  Ambassadors for Québec products

Favourite local producers and artisans: Canard Goulu foie gras, Lapin de Stanstead, Veau de Charlevoix and Deer of Boileau

Secret ingredient: Daniel : organic soybeans / Raphaël : maple syrop

Favourite local spot: Île d’Orléans

Must-try when visiting Québec City: Daniel : sushi at the Métropolitain restaurant/ Raphaël : restaurant La Planque

Chef-owner of Le Saint-Amour

Jean-Luc Boulay

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Home town: Marolles-les-Brault, France

Restaurant description: Le Saint-Amour plays a leading role in promoting Québec fine dining. Combining tradition and innovation, its professionals use the latest techniques to pay tribute to the finest local ingredients.

Awards and distinctions: French Master Chef, 2012 Renaud Cyr Award, Knight of the Ordre National du Mérite Agricole (France, 2010), 2010 Governor General’s Award in Celebration of the Nation’s Table, named Québec chef of the year (national) by Société des Chefs cuisiniers et pâtissiers du Québec (SCCPQ)

Specialty: Turlo farm squab with seared Canard Goulu foie gras

How he describes himself: A motivator who pushes his cooks to excel

Favourite local producers and artisans: Canard Goulu, Turlo farm, and Fromagerie de la ferme Ducrêt

Secret ingredient: Espelette pepper

Favourite local pastime: Sea kayaking

Must-try when visiting Québec City: Baked goods and pastries from Paillard bakery

Chef at Fairmont Le Château Frontenac's Restaurant Champlain

Stéphane Modat

Stéphane Modat

Home town: Perpignan, France

Restaurant description: Champlain marries a luxurious, elegant décor with sweeping views of the St. Lawrence River. It specializes in fine French and continental cuisine in an intimate setting imbued with old-world charm and offering attentive service. Only the freshest of local ingredients are on offer, combining a taste of tradition with modern sensibility and flair.

Awards and distinctions: coauthor of the cookbook Papilles et molecules. The cookbook collection Papilles pour tous!, in collaboration with François Chartier, received the "Best food and wine pairing book" award by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.  

Specialty: Anything edible!

How he describes himself: loves the surrounding landscapes and to share with local artisans

Favourite local producers and artisans: Eumatimi farm and Société Orignal      

Secret ingredient: ice cider

Favourite local spot and activities: stroll at Montmorency Falls Park     

Must-try when visiting Québec City: Québec’s forest herbs infusion from Camellia Sinensis

Chef-owner of Légende par La Tanière

Frédéric Laplante

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Home town: Blainville, Québec

Restaurant description: A tribute to our ancestors, a return to our roots and a reflection off our culinary history from the First Nations to today.

Awards and distinctions: The restaurant has a Four Diamond rating in the CAA/AAA guide.

Specialty: Avant-garde cuisine with local roots

How he describes himself: Curious by nature, with a passion for reinventing culinary traditions. Likes to test his limits, challenge, and innovate.

Favourite local producers and artisans: Wild Gaspe for their forest products, Turlo Farm and Ernest Fiset et fils farm for strawberries, asparagus, and blueberries

Secret ingredient: Candy Cap mushrooms, found in the Gaspé region and known for their distinctive maple flavour

Favourite local spot and activities: Time permitting, he enjoys outdoor activities with his family in the Jacques-Cartier valley or Lac-Beauport.

Must-try when visiting Québec City: Le Pied Bleu, a casual, easy-going restaurant featuring delicious comfort food–style dishes.

Executive Chef at Restaurant Chez Muffy

Julien Ouellet

Chef Julien Ouellet Restaurant Panache | Credit:  Didier Ouellet
Credit: Didier Ouellet

Home town: Québec City, Canada

Restaurant description: Chez Muffy offers local cuisine with an innovative twist that focuses on locally-sourced seasonal ingredients. The wine cellar alone is worth a visit!

Awards and distinctions: After working at Laurie Raphaël and the Garrison Club, Julien Ouellet also made his debut in Vancouver, at the restaurant West, before continuing his career at Panache in 2013.

Specialty: Suckling pig and lobster

How he describes himself: Likes teamwork and prefers cuisine that is classic, flavourful, and generous. Loves to have a hand in every section of the kitchen and at every stage in food prep.

Favourite local producers and artisans: Turlo Farm and Panache’s own garden on Île d’Orléans.

Secret ingredient: Love!

Favourite local pastime: Exploring the city on foot and visiting the different neighbourhoods. Heading to a cozy bar or restaurant for a nice cold beer in enjoyable company.

Must-try dish when visiting Québec City: Cipâte, a classic recipe!


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