Why Choose Québec City?

Simply because there’s no place like it in North America! Here are 5 facts that prove just that:

Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography

1. A Treasured UNESCO World Heritage Site

You’ll be charmed by Québec City as soon as you step ashore. The cradle of French America, it’s the only fortified city on the continent north of Mexico. Stroll through the cobblestone streets and soak in the city’s magnificent heritage, storied past, and European charm. It’s festive, welcoming, and wonderfully safe.


Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography

2. A Unique Culture

Québec City is known the world over for its unique vibe, innovative spirit, and daring cultural initiatives. All throughout the cruising season, events and shows of all kinds make it a lively and fascinating destination. Come celebrate and discover the talented local and international artists whose creations make life in Québec City just that much more beautiful. 

3. A Top Foodie Destination

Québec City is blessed with an abundance of passionate chefs who are continuously raising the culinary bar, skilfully reinventing classics and developing new trends that showcase Québec’s fantastic local agriculture. With cafés, bistros, patios, and fine dining, Québec City’s diversity of gourmet offerings and fabulous hospitality make it a top-tier culinary destination.

Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography

4. Close to Nature

Stunning natural sites are just 20 minutes from the Old City. Cross the suspension bridge over Montmorency Falls—a full 98 feet (30 meters) higher than Niagara Falls—or defy dizzying heights at Canyon Sainte‑Anne. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can follow in the footsteps of the coureurs des bois and explore a peaceful lake or tumultuous river by canoe.

Credit: Luc Rousseau

5. Shop in European-style Boutiques or Major Malls

Mingle with locals along Québec City’s picturesque shopping streets, where you’ll find unique boutiques with local and artisanal goods. Just a few minutes from Old Québec, take one of the city’s main thoroughfares out to the biggest shopping malls in Eastern Canada. Classic or hip, you’ll find your every wish! 

Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography

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