You'll find 400 years of history and a thousand and one things to experience. Among them, Québec City's top picks are strongly recommended for your first trip to the capital. Here are a few suggestions to help you get to the heart of Québec City:

Hors-drawn carriage Tourny Fountain

Enjoy a guided tour of Old Québec

The Old City is like an open-air museum, and the best way to explore it is with a local guide.

The Château Frontenac, the Dufferin Terrace, the fortifications, the parliament building, the shops of Petit-Champlain—a new living history lesson awaits around every corner. No matter which sightseeing tour you pick, you’re in for a real treat!

Observatoire Capitale | Credit:  CCNQ Geneviève Clavet
Credit: CCNQ Geneviève Clavet

Head to the Top of Observatoire de la Capitale

Visit Québec City’s highest viewpoint to get your bearings and take it all in!

Take the Observatoire de la Capitale elevator 221 metres up for a bird’s eye view of the St. Lawrence River, Île d'Orléans, the Plains of Abraham, and the south shore… The star-shaped Citadelle and the fortifications surrounding Old Québec are even more striking from that height.

Quebec-Levis ferry | Credit:  Jeff Frenette Photography
Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography

Take the Québec City—Lévis Ferry

Sail the St. Lawrence river for peanuts!

Board the ferry and observe the play of the current (and chunks of ice crashing against each other in winter) while you enjoy the fresh breeze. Admire the magnificent landscapes, including Cap Diamant and Montmorency Falls—beautifully lit up at night—as well as the steep cliffs of Lévis on the far shore. Back on land, take a moment to stroll along the bike path beside the river. 

The return trip takes about an hour and your pictures will be like postcards!

Montmorency Waterfalls | Credit:  Jeff Frenette Photography
Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography

Feel the Spray at Parc de la Chute-Montmorency

Take a short drive outside Old Québec and marvel at the sheer power of a waterfall 30 metres higher than Niagara Falls.

Whether you explore on foot or by cable car, you’ll be blown away by this wonder of nature. Adrenaline junkies can get closer to the action by hiking the cliff along the via ferrata trail or crossing the cove on a double zipline. And it’s all just as enchanting in winter with the falls’ icy walls and the impressive Sugar Loaf ice cone that forms at the base.

Tasting | Credit:  Jeff Frenette Photography
Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography

Savour Local Products and Regional Fare

Eating well is ingrained in Québec culture. Traditional Québec cuisine is inspired by the hearty country fare of our grandmothers and the recipes they passed down from generation to generation. Heard people rave about the famous Ashton poutine? It’s a contemporary take on a classic and a must for every visitor!

The Québec City area also abounds in delicious local products. Cheese, fresh berry products, ice wine and cider—indulge your taste buds as you explore rustic eateries and local farmers’ markets.


Ice Hotel | Credit:  Renaud Philippe
Credit: Renaud Philippe

Enter the Dazzling World of the Ice Hotel

North America’s only ice hotel is reborn every winter to the sheer delight of visitors from around the world.

Take in the Great Hall, stay in a guestroom, enjoy a cocktail at the -5°C Ice Bar, or even exchange vows in the frost of the chapel! Are you brave enough to spend the night, for the ultimate northern experience?


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