Take to the Skies and Fall in Love with Québec City

Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère
Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère

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Visitors all agree—Québec City is beautiful and brimming with charm. Old Québec is a UNESCO world heritage gem with picture-perfect architecture and European charm, not to mention the many green spaces in and around the city that are sure to impress. See Québec City and the surrounding region like never before with GoHelico Tours and Excursions, located at Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère. Here are three reasons why you should explore Québec City by helicopter.

1 - The Best View of Québec City

Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère
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Take to the skies in a helicopter for the most spectacular views of Québec City. The stunning bird’s-eye view is something you won’t get on foot! Before you know it, you’ll have sailed over the Château Frontenac, Dufferin Terrace, the Fortifications, the Citadel, the Plains of Abraham, Samuel-de-Champlain Promenade, and the St. Lawrence River! Plus, with a helicopter tour, you’ll save enough time to add some other activities to your itinerary. Not to mention the breathtaking photos you’ll head home with. Your Instagram account will be the envy of all your friends!

2 - An Unforgettable Experience

Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère
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Soaring through the sky gives you an incredible sense of freedom—you won’t want the tour to end! The GoHelico staff are very friendly and polite. If you’re nervous, they’ll take the time to reassure you so that you can enjoy your ride. You can talk to the pilot at any time when you’re up in the air through a microphone and headphones. He or she can answer all your questions and tell you more about the magnificent scenery unfurling before you. Not sure how to get there? No problem! Our shuttle can pick you up directly from your hotel. There are four packages for you to choose from. Whether you choose to fly over the Jacques Cartier glacial valleys and mountains, Montmorency Falls, the rolling farmland of Île d’Orléans and Côte-de-Beaupré, the mountainous Mont-Sainte-Anne region, or even the Laurentians, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience and create some lasting memories.

3 - Pilot for a Day

Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère Pilote
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Thrill seekers, this one’s for you! During the flight, get behind the controls of aRobinson R22 or a Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter and experience the thrill of steering the chopper through the sky. Of course, an experienced instructor will accompany you on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Perform climbs, descents, and turns as Québec City sails past under your feet. It’s a wild rush you won’t soon forget!

Pro Tip

Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère Resto
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After all that excitement, you’ll probably be hungry. You’re in luck, because Resto-Bar Le Commandant serves up inspired gourmet meals right within Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère. The high-flying decor, trendy atmosphere, raised patio on two floors, and flavourful food are a great way to end the day!

Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère
1688 Route de l'Aéroport 
Quebec City, G2G 0K1


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