Premier ciel


L'héritage musical d'Harmonium

The seven musicians of Premier ciel make you relive the Harmonium repertoire live and invite you to a celebration of one of the most remarkable works of Quebec music. The repertoire of the show "On tour" is chosen from the entire Harmonium catalog, including singles from the heptad. In the repertoire, presented chronologically and varying from one presentation to another: Dixie, Harmonium, Depuis l’automne, Vert, En pleine face, 100,000 raisons, Vieilles courroies, Histoires sans paroles, Comme un fou, Le corridor, Le premier ciel, and several others.

Premier ciel has collected rave reviews since its first shows and the peerless musicians who make up the group make these shows events where audiences can come together at a time when anything seemed possible, where the boundaries of music seemed out of sight. 

Information about the event:
Phone: 418-694-4040
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