Lucie de Lammermoor

Opéra de Québec

In 16th century Scotland, Lucie and Edgard love each other with a love that nothing can destroy. They swear fealty to each other and secretly exchange rings as a token of their loyalty. But the hatred that consumes their two clans leads to plots, machinations and betrayal. Thus, convinced of her lover’s infidelity, Lucie succumbs to her brother Henri’s pressure and agrees to marry Sir Arthur. When Edgard discovers Lucie married, he curses the day he fell in love with her. Lucie loses her mind and, as in her fateful vision, blood will flow…

Created on August 6, 1839 at the Théâtre de la Renaissance, Lucie de Lammermoor is the French version of Lucia di Lammermoor adapted by Donizetti himself. With this production, the Opéra de Québec transports you to the romantic Scotland of Sir Walter Scott, into the heart of a melodrama that has become French, but with a music that remains fabulously Italian. In this version where Lucie is the only female character, romanticism gives way to the frenzy and madness of her heroine, who does not fail to bewitch you!

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