Head in the Cloud

We are in the midst of a revolution that is happening at light speed, almost faster and more completely than we can fully grasp. Like other huge shifts that have marked the history of humanity—the advent of writing, the invention of the printing press and the Industrial Revolution to name but a few—the digital age has a significant and multilevel impact on our lives. Most people spend an average of 40 hours a week online, usually on a mobile device. In two days, we produce more data than we have since the dawn of humanity. Huge infrastructures are cropping up everywhere to manage all this Big Data. Surveillance tools and increasingly "intelligent" algorithms track our every move and alter our concept of our privacy. Robots capable of replacing humans at many tasks is no longer science fiction; it has indeed become reality.

Head in the Cloud is a playful, immersive exhibition that inspires, frightens and destabilizes. Explore this world in the making, question your relationship with your mobile device and take a minute to think about what you are accepting. Truly!

Information about the event:
Phone: 418-643-2158
Toll-Free Phone: 1-866-710-8031
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